Monday, April 20, 2020

Monday Meditation 5

Dear ones,
The Art Ranger has come to a crossroads on this here blog in which we are stepping over to a PODCAST of a similar name and intent.  We do hope you'll follow along and perhaps even become part of the story!
What is happening in the world (outer and inner and where we all intersect) is so very intense and overwhelming that Art Ranger is staving off paralysis by challenging ourselves with this new (more literary) journey.

oh    hellllllllllllllllloo ....  long time no see

plus we managed to laugh til we cried about certain realizations
Recently, we spoke to a childhood friend on the T E  L E P H O N E, one who has managed an Independent (Elliott Bay Book Company) in Seattle for decades. We concluded that reading books was still one of the important things, while we muddle together/alone to recalibrate the humanity of patience not plenty, we have our minds to nourish and replenish. Books can be a salve to our sanity in which we exercise our capacity to imagine.  Let's support the kind of businesses that we want to see again (later): Non-Amazon way to buy books : to perk up our mother locked in a retirement compound, for instance.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Monday Meditation 4

Dear ones,
where have we been?     like you    home home on the range.  Luckily here where the cabbage and the California Poppies can sing and the (skies have been cloudy like our mood), but home-gentleman has been nurturing leaves and more leaves and soils full of micro-organisms with delighted worms. We sincerely hope that your sheltering is working and that your heart for humanity and planet are holding up under the circumference of the circumstances.  Seems we were gettin' so high tech that now we got medieval again.
"It's our dumb asphalt if we don't heed social distancing to flatten the curve"! declared Mandy of the Village.
Then, (on a semi pre-more-dire day) we took a walk walk walk and talk talk talk in a tandem friend separation, and as we walked, we tried to flatten it by just thinking - letting the image seep into our visual consciousness.
our urge to make art out of what is  - whatever that is


A lot will prevail through this, so if you are one who is able to put effort into ideas around a new societal structure, please do ...
Simultaneously witnessing that the more the poopet talks the messy-deeper the fall from gross ..
Phone Tree:  Don't let the distancing be distancing
 Well, we hope you're taking the best care of yourselves that you possibly can, while we all "flatten the curve" with (flea attentions-pan) just made us think we should go do some sit-ups (oops we didn't).  
Today will be our last blog here for a while, as Art Ranger is stepping over to Podcasting momentarily 
( -which has become weeks ...).  Getting into sound editing accidentally has become Alice in Wonderland with with ripples of sci-fi pandemonium-anxiety-quicksand while affixed to a beautiful patch of earth that has its own ideas about what (should) be done to maintain a Department of Homeland Inspiration. would love to hear from you about moments that you have cherished.