Friday, September 13, 2019

Fround Art Friday 292

 Dear ones,

It's time isn't it  - to get back in the saddle, or even ride bareback and barefoot, and keep this blog going as an outcropping of The Department of Homeland Inspiration: it's a state of mind that you are invited to share.
Our friend Julie, who is a scholar of the unforseen spirits of sanskrit, poetry, and other accredited topics, noted this conglomeration in Paris, along the Seine. The Seine must indeed be a sieve of civilization :
Somehow, we want to eat a very healthy lunch after seeing this
Now from our own travels back and forth to the Homeland of our origin and inspiration,
Color ado, we collected a series called just clouds, (of course it's never just clouds).  Clouds there were so refreshing to enjoy as they metamorphosed themselves and the landscape, with the phenomenon called rain!!!!!!!!! 

see California seemed so static and achingly dry upon our return:
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