Friday, June 1, 2018

Found Art Friday 259

Dear ones,
Can you imagine? Good then - let's.  Our teacher says: "listen to your own heartbeat - can you? Here at the Department of Homeland Inspiration, our duty is to fall off the treadmill and get scraped on the sides about (it).  About what?  Art Ranger cares to fuss about the surround that surrounds us, the drag of the body stuck in its skin with eyeballs while meeting up with a physical world, an internal world. 
 Abandoned Glove goes to Party City and has Tea with the Queen
  We should look up more often.  It would be good for our posture.
After (still and forever) sorting the contents of the parentals 48 years of suburban home, we saved a few Time - LIFE magazines (previously saved by Dad); Lunar Landings, JFK moments and the like.  Here's a (WOW) full page ad from 1969.
50 years ago.  What an outrageously successful campaign!
From FRACK AGE - one of the triplets, Fructose, Glucose, and Sucrose
While trying to not listen to the TV we accidentally heard about Otezla and Truida, Feebeezla, Zestril, Ostolap and Wagadoo, which can all seem to fix one affliction while causing a different thing that will need fixing.  What has found you? or confounded or astounded you?  Send to:

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Found Art Friday 258

Dear ones,
How are your days of May?  Ours causes muchos sneezes.  Forgive us for getting elaborate and off kilter once again.
as we spill of ourselves
 Artists are absorptive of the (now), and then they must squeeze it out through themselves the way others use a mop or sponge.
irrational exuberance
As our nation continues to fall down the stairs and bump its head on each step as it bumbles, we loop back to an eight year old project about the Financial Crash: the images align quite swimmingly.

Humpty Dumpty
All the kings horses arses
the heist
the foreclosed or otherwise stepped on, used or very nervous puppets and pawns
not together again
As the spin aggravates the weary and activates the teary
Insanely in the throes of trolling, while heads are rolling, perhaps soon choking on its own steak
As blogging has become part of our craft, like needle and thread to our sculpture of words, we think about art and technology nearly every day. This essay is the best lately from Nick Carr : You are a data mine: we all are:
Chairman of the Fed
" Tech humanism fails to address the root cause of the tech backlash: the fact that a small handful of corporations own our digital lives and strip-mine them for profit. This is a fundamentally political and collective issue."

 Pray tell of your findings, to

Monday, May 21, 2018

Monday Meditation hijacks Found Art Friday 257

Dear ones,
Here we are at our standing desk, which makes writing for The Department of Homeland Inspiration much more like driving a bus window through to our thoughts. This Friday, when the nation again left us speechless with its bleakness, we gagged on repeat chaos for a suitable response or non-response to yet more gun violence, already mowed over by more plumes of drama.
close up of close up of bullet discharge
Our country, addicted to war:  how can we steer it toward healing?  Again, we turn our eyes to the plant world for solace.  Today, we highlight a light papery flower with heavy overtones:  The Poppy Manifesto : ode to casual flower.
California Poppies are your best friend - up for almost anything, hearty, each day.
poppy palette pairings: beautiful against air or any other flower
Poppies, they just show up places and stay a while, and with good humor
Art Ranger simply collected a day (or two) of poppy sitings.  Many many varieties and shade variants professing divinity upon the month of May.
Open Ground Studios - see how it has opened and created its own ground?
  The thrifty and free-spirited flower also retiring itself at dusk by folding petals in repose.

Oh, hello pure yellow ....
Smaller wild variety that we don't know the species name of.  A home for black bugs that are not ants.

And marvelous markings
host of shy pale yellow spider  - select fuzziness
Have a great week full of a few exquisite moments.  Sincerely, do share at:

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Found Art Friday 256

Dear ones,
As the Department of Homeland Inspiration has kept watch, we continue to have no shortage of moments that bring us to our knees in this extraordinary world, don't you?

After the eloquent, yet heavy assault of listening to Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" this spring, Art Ranger must take a very temporary bath in sweet smelling bee balm as antidote.  Feels as though we all need a quiver full of antidotes, in fact.  OKay ---  Snap out of it!!!!   B r e a t h e ......
Sugar snap peas: our admiration of its tendrils can not be over estimated
On the heels of these readings, we are very proud of our cousin, Erle C. Ellis who has published a new book:
Useful book for cultural workers:
(The Very Short Introduction part is nearly our favorite) ... now we might actually devour it, then add  to our car(fossilfuelcabin) door pocket-sized reading cache for in between moments.  So far:
"How could a product of nature - a Naked Ape - gain the capacity to end nature itself?  And if nature has indeed ended, what have we now?" he asks us.
"The Sea Around Us"
At age about eleven or twelve, when every other boy we knew seemed like a little idiot, Cousin Erle was decidedly not.  In fact, over the years we learned about molecular biology, Bob Marley, American blues, green manure, etc.,  ... why talk about nothing? when you can teach your older girl cousins a great many things.  So glad this guy has a lovely family, as well as many students, to pass on his constructive and instructive curiosities:
sea slug, and /or sea hare
One family vacation on a far away island paradise, we came upon some magical creatures in the tide pools that we had no name for at the time.   Over a period of days we hand built tide pool (holding tanks)network. For consecutive days, we observed and interacted with the creatures in their body temperature sculpted environment.  Like gracefully moving interior gut parts, swimming in some saline soup with gentle spots, while its muscular edged grabbed the surround. We very easily could have been dreaming, but that we were part of nature seemed tangible to us.  In our mind, the creatures seemed okay with all this; they lolled around in their pools and accepted our friendship because we were children.  It was science meets dollhouse meets art sand castle meets mystical universe of the sea, to which we could attach our own narrative.  Of course, from the gossamer folds of memory, the tide must have liberated them ........
Speaking of narratives, Garden art-if act
Please send us images that you have stubbed your toe on here:

Friday, May 4, 2018

Found Art Friday 255

Dear ones,
We are always glad to be occasionally, in earnest , "out on the range" amongst the sage brush, crossing the Little Colorado.  Art Ranger soaks in the film made from staring out the moving window.  Not so much all those aggro trucks trucks trucks, but even relishing the refracted shine of their quilted sides.
 A road that snakes across the vast open spaces with stops.

We must say it out loud : MOTHER ROA DRT
During the long hours of traverse across the thread of pavement called highway 40, we took a break from the feed of news sickness, and instead listened to "Silent Spring" as we cut though through Navajo country. The book pairs so stupefyingly with Pruitt and The Puppet's poisonous profiteering in violation of earth and its past/present/future inhabitants. We vowed to never eat another non-organic carrot as long as we live in order to fortify ourselves and others, as we press on with our version of art activism. Though we're in what's being called the "post-truth" era, hasn't America been side-stepping truths since our inception?
Finally, the road led us to Mesa Verde, where on an unremarkable Wednesday, we used our legs to wander through centuries of human history to see the cliff dwellings (550 A.D. - 1300's).  Having delved just 20 miles off the main road, we realized that for the first time in waaay too long, that we were experiencing true q u i e t.  Quietude.  Yes, only the absence of sound, vacuumed sound.  No human made sounds whatsovever, no airplanes, no leafblowers, no washing-machines, not even birds for a spell.  Just a planet, bending and shaping and sifting itself, while we are barely here as a small grouping of cellular substances, lucky enough to spend some moments upon it. 
Plus the why? the mysterious abandonment, yet the clear ecosystem equilibriums
Often, you felt it wasn't just you being you, but others visiting your visit wearing quiet yucca fiber sandals
Soon to be interrupted by a group of grown men in trucker hats with lollipops and large p-nut shaped footprints that we ignored by imagining our fingers in our ears.  Then some severely stoned French tourists who thought that the teeny tiny houses down below were absolutely hilarious, even though Europeans were in "The Dark Ages" perhaps dying of Bubonic Plague around the time this sophisticated and spiritually connected (LEED platinum) architecture was born.
Segment of petroglyph : Note the "Whipping Kachinas"
We're drawn to the two birds far left.  This is exactly how our hens at home spend the afternoon talking quietly.
 Now we are back in the swing.  How about you? Any remnants? or ruminations?
Is it Springtime upon your planet part?  Send Found Art to:

Friday, April 20, 2018

Found Art Friday 254

 Dear ones,
It's that weekend reminding us Earth Day is Every Day.  Naturally, Art Ranger has a response, or an owl pellet about it.  Meet Mother n Father Earth, a new development.  Why single out mother to do the heavy lifting on our reparations? We are currently taking questions and striving for consciousness down in the soil where earthworms are born, so that food can be grown and loaned to our bodies so we can return to earth ....
As the soil warmed, we learned to remove our boots.  We read "Silent Spring" and Edward Abbey's "Desert Solitaire"
Mother n Father Earth answers many questions with harmonica tune "This Land is your land, this land is my land, from California to the New York islands ......    with           pauses
How do we collaborate with nature?  How do we not kill it? while we eat it and harmonize with it.  How do we share optimally the planet so as to be worthy of the title, humankind?
Embedded in the soil under our feet, are coiled  lists of endangered species as well as the climate change related words that have been recently redacted from scientists' work, emerging from the soil and pulled like umbillicus. Read aloud. in loops.

We collect happy accidents, where others collect buttons.  One day, the shiny rectangle (thats taken over the world) dropped on the ground and lands on top the California Poppy with the camera on, resulting in:
 poppy leaves
As "the headlines" scald the mire of our made-for-tv-nation detour, we continue to experience a choking gore of sickened/saddened alongside being "entertained" by the absurd theatrics. With centrifugal force, growing ever more rancid.  In contrast, our appreciation tuning vines growing toward literature and artArt have increased steeply.  Science Fiction is calling, since we're baked in a pie with it. Yesterday, it was Ray Bradbury's "Farenheit 451" on audio during car trip.  Lordy! So perfect a text to intersect with.  Suppression of knowledge (as well as any emotion besides "happy") through the burning of all books. And the life ending amount of passion some characters display in trying to protect books, and the inter-human connective tissues alive within them. Bradbury's every sentence hewn.
California poppy flower
In the book, people move about using jettrains:  "nature" had become just a blurrr of color, a dash of green this or that seen through a window, etc,.  Billboards were now str e -e -tched to become very very long, in fact continuous, so as to not let up grip on anyone's attention.  Hmmmmm.
Almond blossom, we think
Outside Salinas
The days are getting longer since we are dancing a tango with time.  Well dear friends and strangers, we wish you the fresh leaves and clear attitudes necessary to carry forward.  Please send thoughts and vision to:  Oh, and something simple to admire:
P.S. This is where the book just opened.  "Heaven," Poems of Jack Kerouac

Friday, April 6, 2018

Found Art Friday 253

Dear ones,
This week, our found art comes in the form of phrases we've run into during the week, such as:
"You have a new memory" - an "alert" we got from our photo library.  Art Ranger finds this a little aggressive. Who gets to decide?  And how does our "smartphone" now complete or compete with our (memory)? Or, turn our concentration into a fine mist of shhhhhhhhssss.
Naturally, we must fold in some images, such as Doodle of the Week:
A particular Dickmobile
We see how (he-it) has stuffed so much tv in its blob and imagine the rudderless ship of fools to capsize (or pop) with all its stacked in the wrong blind place ness.
Second found phrase of the week: "My health is not on top" coming from a Danish person speaking not her usual language.  Speaking of health ....
we never get tired of looking at earth's children
 Third found phrase: "budget dust"  -  this is what might be left for the Art.  Sheesh! or S.O.S.!!!
That someone would spend their time sculpting with the illegal dumplings

brought a certain yearning for an unfettered afternoon during a different decade.  Please share your thoughts or visual moments here:

Friday, March 23, 2018

Found Art Friday 252

Dear ones,
We try to not let state of nation soak through to the bones; one needs an umbrella to take soul umbrage. Such as more time with musics, both wordless and biting back.  It's an awful lot - to chew on.  Along with being conned affronted bullied violated, groped, etc. ... ripped-off, embarrassed, taunted  ....  truly ad nauseum  that adds nausea (daily)......  some people also got harvested, fed chum and clicked the bait.  Our Science Fiction novel is using a scalpel right now, carefully taking samples.
fuel for thought                 you are working through it         growing around it        
 our infra-structure, with right-angled intestines   servers and sewers not so different

The kid with the Face company, peeled back raw with hubris, yet again, says he's gonna get some "AI" to try to get ahead of "it". 

Meanwhile .....
The Atmospheric
River came through town

Moving water all around up and down the coast

under doormat worm nursery

Yes, we do live inside a painting ......
big reeds and perfectly shaped bird

         Have you also collected 10,000 photos that you may never get around to ...? .....