Friday, October 11, 2019

Found Art Friday 294

Dear Ones,
We admire good posture, and the way that bird leg knees bend in opposite direction to our own to steady a different shape.  Art Ranger experiences this out on her radius of range.
One who Paints Itself is back
Amidst it  - all this external shaking, this locked in a toxic confetti snowglobe - a quake of quackery and theft.
arrives a Menopausal Chicken Sculpture,        

the last (quiet) egg?
we must seek out simple miracles
Some of us must believe
in believing
that someone can still make up their life from scratch
Okay, go for it!
we are sad about what this sculpture really is     and where it may go to not decompose
See how everybody fusses over you now?    ...   and what eyes are really about?
digesting static eccentricity
While all the plastic TV TEETH go clackety clackett y clack

bottoms are falling out, for instance,
Yes, please send to: items painted by birds, earthen fungi, ... you name it.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Found Art Friday 293

Dear ones,
It is genuinely very nice to find the Art Ranger's inbox ( with some somethings in it to stoke the nine year old blog campfire: 
spotted by Nicki Sucec in Seattle
We especially admire the map-filled RANGER font.  Hmmmmm ..... we can't help but put on a hat
about that.
And from Mandy of the of The Pastures of Heaven, a colorful devouring: nothing to be wasted in the bent blue dragonfly/active yellow jacket tangle:
Sometimes Found Art Friday is a collection gathered over time or theme, other times its gleaned from what is experienced on one particular day, such as this one caused by car check-up gifting us a pocket of time to loiter in a different neighborhood.  Much nicer than taking yourself to the doctor.
We humans get our stuff all over everything, and come to think of it, so do birds
  And then there's what ends up next to what:
thrift store flotsam and jetsam  -  Plus some eaves dropping.
In closing, of course, one from the series : repurposed artworks
Slippery Slope a Sliding
Well - our laptop now overheats regularly ..... poof ! ! !

Have a great day (or moment) and please don't hesitate to share your findings here: