Friday, April 20, 2018

Found Art Friday 254

 Dear ones,
It's that weekend reminding us Earth Day is Every Day.  Naturally, Art Ranger has a response, or an owl pellet about it.  Meet Mother n Father Earth, a new development.  Why single out mother to do the heavy lifting on our reparations? We are currently taking questions and striving for consciousness down in the soil where earthworms are born, so that food can be grown and loaned to our bodies so we can return to earth ....
As the soil warmed, we learned to remove our boots.  We read "Silent Spring" and Edward Abbey's "Desert Solitaire"
Mother n Father Earth answers many questions with harmonica tune "This Land is your land, this land is my land, from California to the New York islands ......    with           pauses
How do we collaborate with nature?  How do we not kill it? while we eat it and harmonize with it.  How do we share optimally the planet so as to be worthy of the title, humankind?
Embedded in the soil under our feet, are coiled  lists of endangered species as well as the climate change related words that have been recently redacted from scientists' work, emerging from the soil and pulled like umbillicus. Read aloud. in loops.

We collect happy accidents, where others collect buttons.  One day, the shiny rectangle (thats taken over the world) dropped on the ground and lands on top the California Poppy with the camera on, resulting in:
 poppy leaves
As "the headlines" scald the mire of our made-for-tv-nation detour, we continue to experience a choking gore of sickened/saddened alongside being "entertained" by the absurd theatrics. With centrifugal force, growing ever more rancid.  In contrast, our appreciation tuning vines growing toward literature and artArt have increased steeply.  Science Fiction is calling, since we're baked in a pie with it. Yesterday, it was Ray Bradbury's "Farenheit 451" on audio during car trip.  Lordy! So perfect a text to intersect with.  Suppression of knowledge (as well as any emotion besides "happy") through the burning of all books. And the life ending amount of passion some characters display in trying to protect books, and the inter-human connective tissues alive within them. Bradbury's every sentence hewn.
California poppy flower
In the book, people move about using jettrains:  "nature" had become just a blurrr of color, a dash of green this or that seen through a window, etc,.  Billboards were now str e -e -tched to become very very long, in fact continuous, so as to not let up grip on anyone's attention.  Hmmmmm.
Almond blossom, we think
Outside Salinas
The days are getting longer since we are dancing a tango with time.  Well dear friends and strangers, we wish you the fresh leaves and clear attitudes necessary to carry forward.  Please send thoughts and vision to:  Oh, and something simple to admire:
P.S. This is where the book just opened.  "Heaven," Poems of Jack Kerouac

Friday, April 6, 2018

Found Art Friday 253

Dear ones,
This week, our found art comes in the form of phrases we've run into during the week, such as:
"You have a new memory" - an "alert" we got from our photo library.  Art Ranger finds this a little aggressive. Who gets to decide?  And how does our "smartphone" now complete or compete with our (memory)? Or, turn our concentration into a fine mist of shhhhhhhhssss.
Naturally, we must fold in some images, such as Doodle of the Week:
A particular Dickmobile
We see how (he-it) has stuffed so much tv in its blob and imagine the rudderless ship of fools to capsize (or pop) with all its stacked in the wrong blind place ness.
Second found phrase of the week: "My health is not on top" coming from a Danish person speaking not her usual language.  Speaking of health ....
we never get tired of looking at earth's children
 Third found phrase: "budget dust"  -  this is what might be left for the Art.  Sheesh! or S.O.S.!!!
That someone would spend their time sculpting with the illegal dumplings

brought a certain yearning for an unfettered afternoon during a different decade.  Please share your thoughts or visual moments here: