Friday, December 11, 2015

Found Art 191

Dear Ones,
How is your there there?  And where has the "art" been lodged?  Snagged by a rough rock?  Are we all already growing the tentacles of holiday thoughts amongst our mindclatter?
processing Shock and Indigestion of Events spilled by Art Ranger  
Hello World  - May I help you?  Now who is in the Driver's Seat?

Through the Sunglasses of Bonnie Hotz
  pursuing goals, small manageable energizing ones.
East Coast Athiest - catch and release?

Tyler Blik made note of this: 
 When in doubt, let's at least be able to make stuff with our hands and get those wheels turning.

Okay folks, due to a very mattering maternal guest and the general clutter of events, we need to hop off the machines for a spell and go plant some seeds as Artist At Large.  Likely see you around past the new year corner when Art Ranger continues a sixth year of service here at the Department of Homeland Inspiration. We are nourished by your contributions.  This season, may you be there for your own eyeballs as well as your spirited loved ones. Wishing you a Merry (non red plastic-lined paper cup) experience,

Art Ranger 2015

Friday, December 4, 2015

Found Art Friday 190

Dear ones,
St Bernardino of Realino really sounded like he might have been a great guy allowing pink babies to feel all on cloud nine.
Far too often it is a strain for Art Ranger to make a post about the art of the humble-everyday-moment due to the huge onslaught of sorrowful human events.  Why do some people feel compelled to make holes in other people until their mortal envelope leaks and ceases to be?
Baby Sock abandoned in space  -   discovered by Susan Needleman
The Squashed Abandoned Glove series by now has spawned many a stray item composing yet another orphan in the rough.
Good Morning Corral de Tierra, also by Susan - we live nearby in a corral of dirt, lucky enough to have a piece of sky.
Quite often, Art Ranger must post grafitti-like tags on Face(crack) when she sees fine images amongst her friends and colleagues and re-insert them here into Homeland inspiration.

Which reminds us that today we are welcoming some new local correspondents: The East Coast Athiests:
Ichneumon laying eggs in board
These role-model ish humans grow most of their own food and built their own house with their own paws, and well, they are not afraid to kill a living thing and painstakingly prepare to eat and render all it's earthy arty parts and share them with the neighbors:
The time came.
That is all for today.  May your energy leak love freely out of your hearts with no hesitation.

Okay you people with all those #hashtags# Hats off to you! for #hashtagging# it up, but to us it is like chewing on a thistle plant all day that can not ever be quite swallowed.

Please see Found Art Moments and send to

Friday, November 20, 2015

Found Art Friday 189

Dear ones,
Early Jean Michel Basquiat

We wish the world to be able to feel better than it does. It is hard to go all a blogging or blah blahing about micro revelations of mild joy when our big small shared world is in shock convulsions.  Art Ranger is soaking her feet in the collective heartache and dystopia covering our screens with wounds.  The talkers talk with their heads about it.
What Homeland Inspiration has decided to do, is to invite our found alien, whom we've named Birtha, to commune with us and deep massage our stupidities toward one another:
"Remember Me? " 

Come to life as a butterfly would hatch, found eating/absorbing campfire charcoal in Rocky Mountain National Park
Please take a seat and meditate with Birtha. 
If we try to take her photo, she freezes the device.

If we try to find her again on the Internet, she has utterly vanished.  One can only absorb her powers in person.  She sees our species for what it is without nationalities, religions, or skin colors.
Cave Painting showing humans interacting with each other.
Yes - now you see what a good idea it is to send your Found Art Friday to mailbox?  We do thrive on your contributions. 

Friday, November 13, 2015

Found Art Friday 188

Dear ones,
And you probably are dear, almost all of the time.  Though the world's turbine of violent news is heart wrenching, we are going to do our small regular duty here at the Department of Homeland Inspiration:
Horse who loves to talk over the fence
M and M color palette from Uncle Dave

Friend in the Bay Area takes note of neighborhood re-use.
 All in one half day, the Art Ranger received a series called "the sign people" and a coincidental
Friendship Lane - Bring it on!

message from a Dorothy who had received "Artist At Large" junk mail with my name on it at her home.  Dorothy wanted us to know that "Artist At Large" was in fact her DBA since 1986 and that she ran a business as a sign painter and muralist elsewhere in California.

We're fixin' to express our thoughts to Dorothy about how a world with many "Artist At Larges" would be favorable and that our particular activities are so divergent that in no way could I affect the status of her business.
"Artist at Large" is not an entity to be owned,  but is a way of living in the world.  A play on "Editor at Large", we are freelance thinkers wearing this hat with sensors in it; we are about finding and reporting on "art" as it slices into the every day.
Cat House - witnessed by Bonnie Hotz in New York
Big Red  - just makes you wanna sing on down the road with a twang

May your culture sneak up to your nature and say helllllllloo.  Feel free to send some moments to

Friday, November 6, 2015

Found Art Friday 187

Dear Ones,
How would you like to grace our (mailbox) with a gaggle of images?  Small moments is what we have the most of.
The dog/god - encourages you to contribute right here ...

or hear
and "miles to go before we sleep"
Enjoying moisture prints in our travels

and Birdshit Galaxy

Today, while listening to playwright, Annie Baker on Maron's WTF podcast, the Pulitzer Prize winning writer called the "self - such a viscous and unknowable thing" (or, was it place).  We found this news comforting, to accrue as a moving organic blob rather than fixed-in-place with perimeter.

Now this to contain you:

Two gifted pomegranates in bowl

QUOTE FROM children's version of Greek Myth featuring an important pomegranate:  "Zeus found out that Persephone has sucked on some pomegranate seeds while down in the Underworld". Somehow, that faux pas translated into a deprivation sentence resulting in our three months of winter.  (Badly summarized famous piece of literature).

Gosh, is it already dark?  Dang government done took our afternoon!  May you have a fresh breeze and clean blanket for your autumn.
Art Ranger

Friday, October 30, 2015

Found Art Friday #186

Dear Ones,
Don't you feel lucky to have lived through the old halloween, that was less corpulent-corporation and more, well, creative and in the murk with tape and glue and staples?
(like) Halloween Guy - from Friend in the Bay Area

Art Ranger feels close to the ground while some may have their head in the cloud:

Sidewalk encounter: Paso Robles
One Halloween, the neighbors placed arms and legs on their barbeque grill.  A man who didn't say a word, but sat on his front porch stonefaced like a charred wax-musuem figure, was most frightening of all;  while windows spooked out music with curtains adrift in the wind.
banana arabesque in Corral de Tierra
A most unusual parkinglot surprise of the squashed abandoned kind:  a vegetable that badly needs its butter.

Cone Patina discourages candy corn comparison
This week, a found quote from boy student regarding ocean health: how long does plastic take to break down? ..."... a llllllong.... ass.... time ....".  Hope you have a sweet week that also includes some sweating.  Please send your beads of it to: and we will appreciate the freshness.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Found Art Friday 185

Dear ones,
We are back from the actual Homeland, which is  of course Inspiration.  Our beloved rectangle of Colorado has gotten very full of people now.   
Stray moments for you:
Cause for pause - isn't it just right?  El Camino rolls right off the tongue.
 After coughing too much, Art Ranger found her dream car in the humanbody-repair parking lot.    Included in the siting are instant memories of shag carpet colors from our 1970's childhood along with a polyester music teacher with a hand-hemmed grandmother-mint green leisure suit.  

We are please to see that our diaspora of art thinkers have responded with images:
 Bonnie Hotz on a walk outside Salinas.  What is it about abandoned single items that gets so  ...  ?

And a Tar Whale swims its way across our surfaces:
Witnessed by Normi Burke on foot

Urban Effort Rhythms noticed by Tyler Blik
Despite all the clicks and likes, we still do like to inform one another physically.

Art Ranger hardly ever finds "news", to be as beautiful and inspiring as this:
"Kayaktivists" who may have helped Shell Oil to not drill the arctic.
Until we meet again, in person or in "inbox", please send your findings to 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Found Art Friday

Dear ones,
Sometimes you slip off the map.  Last week we were briefly in the big(NYC)city, for a planned Art Performance; we reconnected with some great friends as well as the objects called umbrellas that we haven't touched in years. Some things stood out of the too muchness:
In kids Hallway of Metropolitan Museum by a 10 yr. old named Matthew Wong
Once the sun came out, we stopped feeling like Paddington Bear and continued our research:

The new Whitney Museum has an elevator problem - you have to use them.  Luckily, we could not decide which book to buy because next, the Art Ranger walked many miles in not quite the right shoes. We strolled the Highline, a greened up abandoned elevated railroad track where hipsters kiss their phones together. The best moment of the stroll was the guy who offered some "I'll do it my way" Karaoke in an accoustic sweet spot where parts of the old unsanitized New York shone through.


Until we meet again - what have you unswept from your rugs?  Send to

Friday, September 25, 2015

Found Art Friday 183

Dear ones,
This just in from local correspondent, Friend in the Bay Area:
From a series of pseudo signs, using the stylized expectations of signs to say something not so clear, yet daring.
A Different Street Sign System

Now we shall take a peek at the insects in cohabitation with us...
Side Door
Ms. Spider who lived in our mailbox all summer tending her impressive egg sac, until one day there appeared many many many dots .....
The Stencil Sensibility - you scan the world evaluating images for their stencilability
That is all folks, that the day of finding can coagulate for you.  Please consider contributing image/ thoughts  - we know you have one of those powerful overactive rectangles in your pocket:  PEACE  and until we collide again, Art Ranger in Autumn.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Found Art - Season 6

Dear Ones,
We're back!  As it's well after Labor Day, Art Ranger resumes her post at the Department of Homeland Inspiration.  Our job is to keep an eye out for 'art' - to see it and bring it on home to you.
Outside Baker, CA 108 degrees. Ride on....
How it happens.  How things get coaxed back down to earth after being all fluffed up.
Wherever art may have an outcropping or manifestation.  Art Ranger is interested to hear from you.
Doing research by the side of the road, dry... dusty .... hot ..... 
Usually you gotta get out of your car for art.
Remember, we couldn't or wouldn't do this BLOG blob without you, whether you are a regular, intermittent, or new visitor. We seek images from your time slice that have awakened you from the daily grinder and gotten you to thinking or relishing via the visual.

At times, it's that dang INTERNET delivering us some art materials.  Researching one thing and discovering another:
Say whaat? 

We named her Birtha Minor and will be on the lookout for her.  The human species definitely could use some help, perhaps she could be of service.

This week it came to pass a BIG birthday for second son.  Mother cleaned, to make room for a larger bed.  Like caterpillars, they double in size several times, adolescent boys. 
 cohorts gathered in the bottom of a drawer
Grown by the 25 year tied-knot-with-Gentleman:   Nature will remind you to just be quiet sometimes.
Art Ranger carved this into the ethernet with her pocketknife.  Please come visit The Department of Homeland Inspiration soon. Send fodder to because we thrive on it by using your images as sourdough starter.
Thank you to Richard Anthony for sending this to get us rolling again.