Friday, September 18, 2015

Found Art - Season 6

Dear Ones,
We're back!  As it's well after Labor Day, Art Ranger resumes her post at the Department of Homeland Inspiration.  Our job is to keep an eye out for 'art' - to see it and bring it on home to you.
Outside Baker, CA 108 degrees. Ride on....
How it happens.  How things get coaxed back down to earth after being all fluffed up.
Wherever art may have an outcropping or manifestation.  Art Ranger is interested to hear from you.
Doing research by the side of the road, dry... dusty .... hot ..... 
Usually you gotta get out of your car for art.
Remember, we couldn't or wouldn't do this BLOG blob without you, whether you are a regular, intermittent, or new visitor. We seek images from your time slice that have awakened you from the daily grinder and gotten you to thinking or relishing via the visual.

At times, it's that dang INTERNET delivering us some art materials.  Researching one thing and discovering another:
Say whaat? 

We named her Birtha Minor and will be on the lookout for her.  The human species definitely could use some help, perhaps she could be of service.

This week it came to pass a BIG birthday for second son.  Mother cleaned, to make room for a larger bed.  Like caterpillars, they double in size several times, adolescent boys. 
 cohorts gathered in the bottom of a drawer
Grown by the 25 year tied-knot-with-Gentleman:   Nature will remind you to just be quiet sometimes.
Art Ranger carved this into the ethernet with her pocketknife.  Please come visit The Department of Homeland Inspiration soon. Send fodder to because we thrive on it by using your images as sourdough starter.
Thank you to Richard Anthony for sending this to get us rolling again.

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