Friday, September 25, 2015

Found Art Friday 183

Dear ones,
This just in from local correspondent, Friend in the Bay Area:
From a series of pseudo signs, using the stylized expectations of signs to say something not so clear, yet daring.
A Different Street Sign System

Now we shall take a peek at the insects in cohabitation with us...
Side Door
Ms. Spider who lived in our mailbox all summer tending her impressive egg sac, until one day there appeared many many many dots .....
The Stencil Sensibility - you scan the world evaluating images for their stencilability
That is all folks, that the day of finding can coagulate for you.  Please consider contributing image/ thoughts  - we know you have one of those powerful overactive rectangles in your pocket:  PEACE  and until we collide again, Art Ranger in Autumn.

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