Saturday, October 10, 2015

Found Art Friday

Dear ones,
Sometimes you slip off the map.  Last week we were briefly in the big(NYC)city, for a planned Art Performance; we reconnected with some great friends as well as the objects called umbrellas that we haven't touched in years. Some things stood out of the too muchness:
In kids Hallway of Metropolitan Museum by a 10 yr. old named Matthew Wong
Once the sun came out, we stopped feeling like Paddington Bear and continued our research:

The new Whitney Museum has an elevator problem - you have to use them.  Luckily, we could not decide which book to buy because next, the Art Ranger walked many miles in not quite the right shoes. We strolled the Highline, a greened up abandoned elevated railroad track where hipsters kiss their phones together. The best moment of the stroll was the guy who offered some "I'll do it my way" Karaoke in an accoustic sweet spot where parts of the old unsanitized New York shone through.


Until we meet again - what have you unswept from your rugs?  Send to

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