Friday, October 30, 2015

Found Art Friday #186

Dear Ones,
Don't you feel lucky to have lived through the old halloween, that was less corpulent-corporation and more, well, creative and in the murk with tape and glue and staples?
(like) Halloween Guy - from Friend in the Bay Area

Art Ranger feels close to the ground while some may have their head in the cloud:

Sidewalk encounter: Paso Robles
One Halloween, the neighbors placed arms and legs on their barbeque grill.  A man who didn't say a word, but sat on his front porch stonefaced like a charred wax-musuem figure, was most frightening of all;  while windows spooked out music with curtains adrift in the wind.
banana arabesque in Corral de Tierra
A most unusual parkinglot surprise of the squashed abandoned kind:  a vegetable that badly needs its butter.

Cone Patina discourages candy corn comparison
This week, a found quote from boy student regarding ocean health: how long does plastic take to break down? ..."... a llllllong.... ass.... time ....".  Hope you have a sweet week that also includes some sweating.  Please send your beads of it to: and we will appreciate the freshness.

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