Friday, November 6, 2015

Found Art Friday 187

Dear Ones,
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and "miles to go before we sleep"
Enjoying moisture prints in our travels

and Birdshit Galaxy

Today, while listening to playwright, Annie Baker on Maron's WTF podcast, the Pulitzer Prize winning writer called the "self - such a viscous and unknowable thing" (or, was it place).  We found this news comforting, to accrue as a moving organic blob rather than fixed-in-place with perimeter.

Now this to contain you:

Two gifted pomegranates in bowl

QUOTE FROM children's version of Greek Myth featuring an important pomegranate:  "Zeus found out that Persephone has sucked on some pomegranate seeds while down in the Underworld". Somehow, that faux pas translated into a deprivation sentence resulting in our three months of winter.  (Badly summarized famous piece of literature).

Gosh, is it already dark?  Dang government done took our afternoon!  May you have a fresh breeze and clean blanket for your autumn.
Art Ranger

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  1. I agree with the Annie Baker quote and thanks for the link-age...