Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Words are worlds

Dear ones,

This latest podcast by The Art Ranger who resides at The Department of Homeland Inspiration, aims to celebrate Emily Dickinson, who was this artist's ambassador to American poetry and to the power of words as worlds. In a bangy old beige filing cabinet was unearthed an essay from 29 years ago that she still approves of thus shares a few excerpts. We call this episode Emily The Dickens  because though she was painted as a recluse, an eccentric frail thing, if you listen to her voice, she was very brave and celestial in her understandings and she seemed a great friend. A pioneer wielding pencil in apron pocket.

Art Ranger also reads from the extraordinary publication called The Gorgeous Nothings, which is a line from one of the envelope poems that are herein reproduced.  Her handwriting and the slight yellowing of the actual envelope flaps, with ample space around them - comes as directly from Emily's handmind to your own eyehands as could be possible without you actually touching the poems. 

Emily the Dickens who looked at everyday things inside and out, and took words not for granted, but tapped into them like a root.

Best wishes to anyone in the midst of it.

The Art Ranger

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