Friday, November 30, 2012

Found Art Friday 104

Dear Blogosports:
Recently, Art Ranger transported herself to the other edge of the country for the occasion of a dear friend's birthday, a reunion from another chapter.  En route, we witnessed this airport eco-crime against the (:) apple:
it's a genetically engineered petro-chemical experience, america is.  
With the heightened and naive attention of a visitor from another planet, the Ranger witnessed new colors, smells and textures as a travel diarist out-of-her-ordinary.
  Here in Tamworth, New Hampshire the people were trying to recover from being a swing state.
We ate homemade apple pieMilk from down the road. The lunch spot was also the hardware store.

Someone years ago in the tiny town had the foresight to create a foundation so that there is a town nurse, over decades saving oodles of healthcare dollars and miles of driving.

Behold the skin of the Pickering, manfolk brought home mirroring the ripple of the river.

Climbing over Rocks that got that way because of this happening for millenia:

Though this blog is not exactly about photography, photography is a scaffolding upon which the whole Homeland Inspiration enterprise and service rests.
In the current take-picture- therefore-I-am generation,
when do you think something
forges or stumbles its way to
being art?
In living amongst images, we aspire to parse out what a "stock photo"
Please send us yours:

Friday, November 16, 2012

Found Art Friday 103

Dear Ones,
While the Art Ranger was at large last week, The Department of Homeland Inspiration gladly received items in the community mailbox. (Doesn't that sound all down home and unelectronic?)

 Two images from Bonnie Hotz contributing to the series, moments in fencing:
tangled up in blue

 Recently, hundreds of Humboldt squid came mistakenly into the waters of Monterey Bay riding a warm El Nino current.  Jim Lindenthal captured their short-lived squishy orange activities along the shore in Pacific Grove.
Facts about these vivid creatures: they're poised to survive climate change.
They eat 50 to 60 different species of fish, can adapt their size from generation to generation to deal with varying food supplies, and they are able reproduce in huge numbers.  Large females create translucent egg sacks the size of a small car containing 20 to 30 million eggs.
Harbor Seal meal
A Big Bird sighting by Friend in the Bay Area
 And finally from Richard Piscuskas working on location in Ontario, California:
a man who can bring out the expressive capabilities of almost anything.

Between now and then, we hope you enjoy the giving thanks and sharing traditions.
 Can you say wattle?

Friday, November 9, 2012

Admiring the fruit (again)

Since the Art Ranger is "at large" this Friday and not technologically active, she must offer a re-run of a post that got taken offline by accident.  Perhaps you've seen this and already made applesauce:

Today, instead of Found Art Friday we will take time to chew on an exceptional and humble food.

Whereas peach is a short-lived exciting summer guest, and tomato is month-long flavor extravaganza, the in-season  apple is our steady friend. Yes, apple is there for you - with a bit of in-between sustenance.
Cheerful dispositioned apple has that bright crrunch when perfect, yet not too squeaky and green to cut the gums. Both yin and yang In flavor. The lucky tree apple has the "you are the apple of my eye" excitement of saturated color and fall leaf rattles.
 Time in sun stored up as red; with slightest tug, tree relinquishes fruit to palm.  How does anything use color so well?

The regular imperfection of the home grown apple, fine with disparities in size.
The almost scabskin lived-though-change areas.  Even a small ohwhynot worm.
And fruit doesn't fall far from the tree does it?  Yet some will roll with all that gravity.  

Bringing extra bold deer, who take their time staring back at you while snacking, and large-earred hares with soft feet in the night.  Half-eaten decaying colors enrich hues of seasonal ferment.

You have just the right amount of time to think about something during an apple break.  To chew on it while still fresh in your mind. This "fruit of knowledge" can nourish or cleanse the palette, moving us along for the next big or little job with some zing.  Hmmmm, often involving an Apple computer.
  Have you seen any lots of anythings lately, or even a sun torn scarecrow?
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Friday, November 2, 2012

Found Art Friday 102

Dear Blogowaterers,
Now that you've witnessed the Squashed Abandoned ground series, it's probably time to look up in the sky that gives us smallness. Whatever patch to see that it is always changing.  Not too long ago, the Art Ranger expressed admiration for the sculptures used in space travel. Since her inbox was, well not full of community contributions, she is asking you to appreciate UFOs today.

Nephi Crop Circle
Googled on UFOs. Really like the shape of the doorway.
And finally, we're hoping and praying that Mitt Romney's hair is finally not enough to gain him the job.
Peace to you and your kin, and please consider sending some surprise images to: because that is what got this thing to grow to the 100 and tooth  time.
(*** = Reflection of upside down CD on wall  )