Friday, November 16, 2012

Found Art Friday 103

Dear Ones,
While the Art Ranger was at large last week, The Department of Homeland Inspiration gladly received items in the community mailbox. (Doesn't that sound all down home and unelectronic?)

 Two images from Bonnie Hotz contributing to the series, moments in fencing:
tangled up in blue

 Recently, hundreds of Humboldt squid came mistakenly into the waters of Monterey Bay riding a warm El Nino current.  Jim Lindenthal captured their short-lived squishy orange activities along the shore in Pacific Grove.
Facts about these vivid creatures: they're poised to survive climate change.
They eat 50 to 60 different species of fish, can adapt their size from generation to generation to deal with varying food supplies, and they are able reproduce in huge numbers.  Large females create translucent egg sacks the size of a small car containing 20 to 30 million eggs.
Harbor Seal meal
A Big Bird sighting by Friend in the Bay Area
 And finally from Richard Piscuskas working on location in Ontario, California:
a man who can bring out the expressive capabilities of almost anything.

Between now and then, we hope you enjoy the giving thanks and sharing traditions.
 Can you say wattle?

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