Friday, November 2, 2012

Found Art Friday 102

Dear Blogowaterers,
Now that you've witnessed the Squashed Abandoned ground series, it's probably time to look up in the sky that gives us smallness. Whatever patch to see that it is always changing.  Not too long ago, the Art Ranger expressed admiration for the sculptures used in space travel. Since her inbox was, well not full of community contributions, she is asking you to appreciate UFOs today.

Nephi Crop Circle
Googled on UFOs. Really like the shape of the doorway.
And finally, we're hoping and praying that Mitt Romney's hair is finally not enough to gain him the job.
Peace to you and your kin, and please consider sending some surprise images to: because that is what got this thing to grow to the 100 and tooth  time.
(*** = Reflection of upside down CD on wall  )

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