Friday, October 26, 2012

Found Art Friday 101

Dear Peoples of the blog,
Just when we thought the Squashed Abandonned Glove series had dried up, it came upon us on a walk one day, the neighbor's car, a 72ish Mercedes deisel blue-gone-to-grey parked askew on the bank.  Mind you this neighbor, by now shaped like a fish hook, it was already outlandish to even see this man outside without his slippers.  All neighborly she asks, "is everything all right?". 
Turns out that the man was looking for a glove.  A blue glove. "I'll keep an eye out for it" says she ......  Little did he know how prone to finding one of things we were.

What has evolved instead from this series is a general squashed abandonned phenomena.  The collage of the collision of pavement or groundscape with humans.  And how it really surpasses litter, becoming part of something else:

Amazingly the Squashed Abandonned series now intersects with the Patina Series as these aged organics manage to dazzle like fashion models.

There must be a spirit animal there somewhere.
From the series squashed abandoned

Next week's Found Art Friday will be dedicated to:  Flying Saucers.  Or whatever you find interesting.  Please send to

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