Friday, October 19, 2012

Found Art Friday 100th

Dear Blogosports,
How did we get here? And why? the hundredth dang time of collecting uploading and saying something about a few images? Why, because The Art Ranger is still in fact "at large" and on the lookout for art, she's not at her desk (except she is). The Department of Homeland Inspiration has become a service job regular as toast on the one hand, yet still motivating, a form of orange alert regarding the infinite supply of potential images in the world, and a simple practice of sorting, of sometimes seeking meaning or aliveness in the mundane. Especially, the surprises from you and her own back yard.  To commemorate the strange and accidental fact we've reached Found Art Friday 100 times, we wonder if hadn't randomly begun to number the posts, would we still be carrying out this business?  Did you egg her on?  Today we feature some FAF classics from posts past:
Cindy Zimmerman moved back from Kansas

Two images from Robin's life in Dulzura
"Sausage Man" from Friend in the Bay Area who has specialized in seeing grafitini ...

Offspring on a field trip
Well, we might as well keep it going now.  Please look both ways plus up and all around.  We hope to engage your sent found moments here:


  1. Happy Anniversary - is 100 gold AND a residency for a month in a cabbage patch? good work - Art Ranger!

  2. Yes, surely after a month residency in the cabbage patch I'll know what patch cord to use and maybe be able to make coal slaw too.