Friday, October 5, 2012

Found Art Friday 99

Dear Blogospots,
Today's Found Art Friday has the added spice of being witnessed on this actual Friday.  It took the form of radio instants isolated while driving; we heard about a concept called "frame dragging".  Doesn't that sound captivating?  It's some Einsteinian wobble affect of mass thing. The sound of it, the image, calls to mind our current cultural condition, our documentation of everything in between now and then, plus the new now made up of an explosion of our devices.  And yet, we still must care how we frame things.  This radio Frame dragging went along with a discussion of black holes and how they were messy eaters. There was also talk of a "pancake of inwardly spinning matter".  Just as The Art Ranger was relishing the jargon on her car ride (in windowframes are moving farm fields) ..... Suddenly, a large segment of cardboard spirals messily toward her car and gets swiftly sucked under and stuck to the bottom of her chassy, making a somewhat strange high hummmmm. When we stopped, the cardboard flap released itself from her mufflered stomach.  Literally, we were "frame dragging".
Goddard's early backyard rocket: more from our series on why space travel has been good for artists.
 "Angela Davis with wings": more grafitini from our friend in the Bay Area.
And Jackson Pollack leaf from the same one who walks and looks
All those different ages of leaf simultaneously present, working toward decay.
Bonnie Hotz contributes two to the series: "Moments in Fencing"
 When lens and timing come together, this most impossible thing to photograph is within grasp.
The Seeker
And lichens must be the go-between between light, air and metal.

Does your head ever feel like this when you are thinking about our country or the planet?  If so, they have a lot of things to fix it with advertised on Facebook Timeline.
Have a great week while deciding just what to focus on.  Please sEEnd some to

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  1. got me laughing with the cardboard and thinking, but I know it's not true...thank you for faf - every time - this time, that time, now and then...time, dog time, chicken time...oh look where the time's gone...I"m rambling...gotta go