Friday, April 27, 2012

Found Art Friday 87

Dear Bright Blogspots,
Long ago, in the short life of this Homeland Inspiration blog, The Art Ranger received a surprise composition from under a dog bowl in snowy Montana.  Last week, that same Michelle Aranda sent a series of images with film-like reflection from a visit to Nevada City, site of a gold mining ghost town. "There was an old barn filled with antique arcade machines that told fortunes, played music, answered questions."

"it just seems like a tough place to eek out a life back then. Lots of hangings and shooting, lawlessness and mud-on yer-boots kind of life" says she.

MAYBE - though seems to be what keeps all these gold rushey things going.  Art Ranger enjoys the slight crackled irregularity of hand made things from another era. Yet a different kind of patina.  Lady with all the extra eyes has got your back and she saw when you messed up too.  Thank you Michelle for sharing these and for starting your screenplay abstract.

SWITCH GEARS, but not necessarily colors
Art Ranger is in the midst of a life with boys, consequently her photo library contains gems like this below the knee gash.

and "Are You Kidding me?"  actual under-oak-canopy front yard fungus who only reveals herself in photos.
Art Ranger recently thought of teaching drawing again, so looked at her used book:
"The Zen of Seeing/Drawing as a meditation" drawn and handwritten by Frederick Franck, (1973).
p xii  " A non-creative environment is one that constantly bombards us, I said, overloads our switchboard noise, with agitation and visual stimuli.  Once we can detach ourselves from all these distractions, find a way of "in-scape", of "centering," the same environment becomes "creative" again. SEEING/DRAWING is such a way of inscape from the overloaded switchboard.  It establishes an island of silence, an oasis of undivided attention, an environment to recover in  ..." We wonder what he would think of us now with regards to "agitation and visual stimuli" compared to 1973.

Though digital photography is a much quicker way of generating images than drawing, this outlook relates to our practice here at The Department of Homeland Inspiration, where we sift out images from the potentially mundane activities of life. We try to find "moment-scapes".  Gosh, on the internet, there is probably no such thing as "an oasis of undivided attention".

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Offering

Sweet petroleum corps
Ripped bag sale
Clone repositories
Absence Announcements Scrutinized
Git Kola

chip packaging meets iphone

iphone says this is a poem about current government conditions
(selected from physical errands, computerbound, or newsprint within the last month)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Found art Friday 86

Dear Blog Spots:
This week, our Friend in the Bay Area found this interesting purposeful art met with happenstance:

Around the same day,  we heard a radio story also involving chairs. So first we formed a picture in the mind, later we saw the images:

As an  art work, the visual and physical gesture of creating this simple yet resonant image for people is extraordinary and important.  Empty red chairs are helping them to process this loss from twenty years ago and continue the work of living.  Art Ranger fascinates over our primal human connection to image for survival.  In order to grasp things. Yes, those same opposable thumbs.  Images help us do that.  People engage the image further by adding teddy bears and flowers.
This collective Public Sculpture Performance makes us think across to the artist, Ann Hamilton
 one of the extraordinary image makers of our time.  They still call it "Installation art".  She makes places/ spaces breathe with layers of think-thoughts and tactile emotion.  She is not afraid to take on huge subjectmatter.
Speaking of the power of images, one of the ways that a tiny group of people created our financial meltdown, is by making sure that people had no image, no understanding of what was actually happening to our mortgages (our lives), no image of their "bond trading" ether casinos.  Computer algorhythms pumped the econ up falsely while they sold "tranches" of us to themselves. And ate rolex steak with drunk-on-gasoline-sauce with yachts sprinkled on top.
 Nicky the one-eyed Nikon, Vixy the Digital kid, and Cam the Camera are all deciding what to do about the iphone 
 and what they've decided to do is to let the iphone capture the things that only an iphone would be there at that moment to capture:
Now we have all the current events and arabsprings and uprisings and whatnots gorily recorded because of this technology, very BIG THINGS indeed
Plus, the very momentary moments, ones where the image would be gone if you went to get your camera. 
Such as the awesome patina/ pattern of worn, windblown woodgrain plywood sides of the landscaping truck ahead of us:
And from the Contrail Series:
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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Found Art Friday 84

Welcome to or from The Department of Honeland Inspiration.  Okay - we mean Homeland, but we are indeed trying to hone in on things in our environment.
For Noah.  Some pictures you only take because of someone else in your life that you want to show it to.
 Applecore Patina:  cousin of the squashed abandoned glove series

Art Ranger on Reservation Road
Found by Tom Boyer  in Saratoga
Art Ranger wants to name it "partisanships" or is it a force field? Where two ends of a magnet resist.
Jump cut
Remember in the movie "Being John Malkevich" when a character was catapulted out a subterranean tunnel onto the New Jersey Turnpike on a rainy night?  This moment was one of the most thrilling and hilarious surprises of our movie going lifetime.  That's made "Art".
Whereas, the Gum Series will be "found art": or how we have chosen to frame something, and in what light. Then to just keep on going. 
Slow down or hurry up? Hope to see you at