Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Across the plains in 1862: A podcast excerpt from the journal of great grandfather

 Dear ones:

Art Ranger shares family lore and tales of harrowing river crossings and horrible mosquitos, encounters with peoples and "natures" equally as treacherous: NEW PODCAST click here: 

Family photo we grew up with. Direct ancestors indicated by catwhiskers

Published in 1916 and 1996
This summer, during the family's commemorative voyage retracing the Trail, we opened an old desk and (ping!) our deceased dad, Robert William Smedley, perched on my shoulder, showed us some things to look at in there and issued into our ear "read from William's journal on the podcast, dear please: 

Dad continued the journal tradition by carrying a portable watercolor set to capture moments as he experienced them. 

From Across the Plains, after a day of working on building a boat in order to be able to cross the Snake River:  "A determined purpose and vigorous health defied fatique" 

Bob certainly absorbed this ethos, and it shaped our lives.If you are curious about how the art making has been influenced by an upbringing, this link contains my favorite and most recent professional artist interview with Jean Vengua: Eulipion Outpost.

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Thursday, April 14, 2022

Can You Hear Me? an incantation

Dear ones, 

It's nice once and a while to have an actual art show at an actual museum!  Especially this collaborative effort at Monterey Museum of Art, at the behest of Fund for Homeless Women of Monterey County. A three year long journey that's not over yet.

Art Ranger has made a podcast to go with it: Can You Hear me?