Friday, April 25, 2014

Found Art Friday 149

Dear ones,
After getting all riled up last week, we're still stirring a bit of that defiant raw heavy cream in our cup of tea.  WEll, another Rich & Creamy Fat - Free fallacy (cut-the-legs-off-our-cake-and-eat-it-too) is our voracious fossil fuel habit.  This week, Keystone XL (Xtra Large mistake) is again in the news for Obama being stuck in tarsands pit postponement of resolving this issue.  We are, however,  heartened and energized by the public protest visuals such as REJECT AND PROTECT
This week at our Nation's Capital:
In a recent attempt to thin out photo files, we discovered a series of images taken a few months ago when Art Ranger was in town simply trying to buy a book and she ended up at a public hearing on fracking the Monterey Shale.  She ended up listening to speakers talk about how many land-owners are unable to control the mineral rights on their own properties and many other repulsive things about this process.  She joined in with the small committed crowd and began to holler these slogans on the hand made signs at the top of her lungs as through it were the last two minutes of a championship game of life on earth as we know it.

 About two reporters and three passersby took note:  we were on the local news for 5 seconds.

This sign came with an elder wearing an XL condor suit with two friends operating her wings
Our favorite sign made by an out of work reporter
Now let's look at some examples world-wide in case you would like to holler out about something that just ain't right or isn't right either. Luckily the jarring toxic nature of the word - all broken and fractured and wrecked sounding is good for the anti-frackage movement.  Unlike fatty acids which are good for us and sound ruinous.

some famous British actress got arrested that day

The Art Ranger would love to have her inbox afloat with found art moments very soon because this soapbox stuff is dang slippery.  Send moments of mothering your earth or (the rock in your shoe too):

Friday, April 18, 2014

Found Art Friday 148

Caution: today's Found Art Friday was hijacked by some "food" packaging
that has caused Art Ranger to bust-a-rant /rap of excessive indigestion
(We don't think this is popular in other countries)
Note the bold, sunny presentation - green grass, blue sky ....
We do love our country 'tis of thee but ...
Here in America we want to cut the legs off our cake and eat it too
We got charge cards so Rich & Creamy that NOW is whatever we want right now
We got the Rich & Creamy Wall Street cats of fat-free fat
with their own banking backing
system lining their own fat pockets with dough while the
 regular work-a-day donkeys get sand in pockets
that pour through seams of sagging back feeling
Really Bad outfit + Donkeys used as tanks - really
Used Regular Joe and Used Regular Jane with their Rich & Creamy 401Ks
built over years get siphoned off even before you blink or think
Due to the bigASS too-big-to-failers building a faster fatter fiberoptic artery
For their money hoses
caution to the wind - she is ranting again
And we've got our Rich & Creamy FAT FREE debts to fiction bubble priced homes
POP! Which cause people to need three jobs or live on the street
Gosh yes, half of half of the half is surely the FAT FREE half 
and a sugar-free, ice not, cream not, cookie not, cake not fake but
packed with chemical additives and brand new tasty words like ersatz fats
and plenty of salt so that finally our carb soaked bodies still crave actual FAT
( evidently our brains are made of it)
But no trans fat and no time for this or that poly-un-saturation, because we are too busy being busy
Another Rich & Creamy Fat-free HALF and HALF element
of our have-it-all win win work work culture
 is the steep increase in children diagnosed with ADHD
 and prescribed methamphetamines (with pasturized names)
so they can survive/ game the public school and standardized test prisons
Quote from our graduating senior:
"What I learned in high school was how to be bored and not go crazy." 
How would kids be doing without all this trumped up need for speed
manufactured by the predatory big-pharma profiteers?
Zombie Bunny Lollipop  -  got a 4.735 GPA and still was not accepted at Stanford
 More Rich & Creamy FAT FREE ultra-pasturized moments
  in the sanitized-for-your-protection universe 
We see people spend their lunch $ on venti triple carmel machiato double espresso soy nonfat lattes
and pretend to be nourished while other people don't have a shoe
  Ultra-pasturized to the point that guts have no guts left
Why should food last for months unless it's a jar of pickles made by Aunt Ruth?
Another Fat-free rich-and-creamy-ultra-pasturized fact/farce
How our culture worships youth to the point that ladies with wrongsideout faces
wear ageless cancelled out grimaces of shiny erasure in Whole(Paycheck)Foods checkout line
Filled with fillers in the furrow of the brow -  Owww  -  where's your pain, brain?
Faces unallowed to frown, probably trapped in a Chucky Cheeses maze of decay anyway
Now that's a face! photo by Rolf Bach: (at Whole Foods Peru?)
Rich & Creamy Fat-free HALF and HALF so removed from its whole 
Phew! we don't have to buy it
We're hauling home some raw heavy whipping cream instead
Brave listener you deserve a badge!
Easter Happy to you - what would a Jesus buy or trade or say at your grocery store?

Friday, April 11, 2014

Found Art Friday 147

Dear you and you too,
Today's Homeland Inspiration inbox was feeling the warm fuzzies of life being stranger than fiction:
Sent by Wick Alexander: Best Painter in entire USA - check out some of his work!
Burned Water
 by Man named Wick
 Flash Flood
Lonely crucified shoe ...
Whew - surely a heroic gesture is afoot
We're betting the dame is only alive because she ditched her shoe

Now this:
From Richard Anthony - he bought these especially for us to see.  There is sure a lot of mopping up to do ...
The W word next to ERROR makes us think Dubya.  Is some Errrrasure what he is trying to accomplish by "painting"? Make cute little distortions, sefies and doggie paintings to innocently divert attention from his hand in helping to nearly destroy the world?

Really? Are you buying into the murk of selfie-reflection?
Naive and flat with a very limited, milky, homogenized palette, lacking full understanding of perspective - mirroring his world view perfectly.  ((There appear to be some amazing hacks hacking? W's painting story as well: Wow: "out damn spot" how can I ever get that blood stain off?)).

Let us now look at some bath tub art that endures:
Pierre Bonnard, 1941
Phew - alrighty then - we're all relaxed and centered now (thank you dog) for calming the floor and helping us forget Dubya "I'm the decider". 

As always, we look forward to your found art contributions to this Homeland Inspiration enterprise - send to

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Found Art Friday 146

Dear Ones,
Last week, the Artist was at large and wishes to share this precious Sky Mall moment with you:

Luckily, Friend in the Bay Area graced the Art Ranger's inbox with two more finds from a series of altered/ repurposed street signs.
Yes - compassion stretches us in both directions
Art Ranger heartily approves this message and this unusual clandestine activity involving napkins.

Speaking of streets, here is one from Gentlemen Jeff:

Why did the turkeys cross the road?

Because she did.

Close your eyes and imagine a world without food coloring.  Is this the peeps version of guys strutting their stuff?
Surprising items get snuk (is that a word?) into the mother's grocery cart.

We hope you have a lovely day which includes time to wonder ............. or even to collect fodder for: