Saturday, April 5, 2014

Found Art Friday 146

Dear Ones,
Last week, the Artist was at large and wishes to share this precious Sky Mall moment with you:

Luckily, Friend in the Bay Area graced the Art Ranger's inbox with two more finds from a series of altered/ repurposed street signs.
Yes - compassion stretches us in both directions
Art Ranger heartily approves this message and this unusual clandestine activity involving napkins.

Speaking of streets, here is one from Gentlemen Jeff:

Why did the turkeys cross the road?

Because she did.

Close your eyes and imagine a world without food coloring.  Is this the peeps version of guys strutting their stuff?
Surprising items get snuk (is that a word?) into the mother's grocery cart.

We hope you have a lovely day which includes time to wonder ............. or even to collect fodder for:

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