Friday, April 25, 2014

Found Art Friday 149

Dear ones,
After getting all riled up last week, we're still stirring a bit of that defiant raw heavy cream in our cup of tea.  WEll, another Rich & Creamy Fat - Free fallacy (cut-the-legs-off-our-cake-and-eat-it-too) is our voracious fossil fuel habit.  This week, Keystone XL (Xtra Large mistake) is again in the news for Obama being stuck in tarsands pit postponement of resolving this issue.  We are, however,  heartened and energized by the public protest visuals such as REJECT AND PROTECT
This week at our Nation's Capital:
In a recent attempt to thin out photo files, we discovered a series of images taken a few months ago when Art Ranger was in town simply trying to buy a book and she ended up at a public hearing on fracking the Monterey Shale.  She ended up listening to speakers talk about how many land-owners are unable to control the mineral rights on their own properties and many other repulsive things about this process.  She joined in with the small committed crowd and began to holler these slogans on the hand made signs at the top of her lungs as through it were the last two minutes of a championship game of life on earth as we know it.

 About two reporters and three passersby took note:  we were on the local news for 5 seconds.

This sign came with an elder wearing an XL condor suit with two friends operating her wings
Our favorite sign made by an out of work reporter
Now let's look at some examples world-wide in case you would like to holler out about something that just ain't right or isn't right either. Luckily the jarring toxic nature of the word - all broken and fractured and wrecked sounding is good for the anti-frackage movement.  Unlike fatty acids which are good for us and sound ruinous.

some famous British actress got arrested that day

The Art Ranger would love to have her inbox afloat with found art moments very soon because this soapbox stuff is dang slippery.  Send moments of mothering your earth or (the rock in your shoe too):


  1. ok i typed a comment - where did it go?

  2. ok, missing comment... glad you put these images up cause I haven't seen anything of interest lately except Arlo's oozing nose - and these were more interesting...glad to hear you were part of the local anti fracking movement...thank you Mel. Keep it up!