Friday, May 9, 2014

Found Art Friday 150

Dear ones,
Here's a post to celebrate anyone who is a mother or has ever had a mother.  What we mother over here in the blogoshpere is images and we gleaned these from Facebook (friends and family) while sitting in a chair made from trees and not clicking on the obnoxious sidebar wanting to sell us shoes.
PAINT DAY  by Sherry Hastings - a mother who understands that "Life is a canvas".
It's amazing what this person does just by carrying around some rectangles that capture light.  Here are a few from Michelle Aranda in Bozeman, Montana:
Bozeman's version of the Cherry blossom festival - Snow in April
Art is not so much what  - but how you see the world
Those two pictures from a road trip which included her daughter. Each image is framed with a considered point of view and composition.  Like a sushi chef, the junk is cleared away so we can get on to the visual nourishment.
Except here at the Tesque Pueblo flea market in NM where the onslaught of detail/junk is the marvel. 
 She knows where she stands and makes images which is different than taking them.

Unusual today,  the Art Ranger is serving up an art work direct via the internet.  May you put on all those hats it takes and feel the verve as you barely know how to go about it:
from show M/otherwork at Open Ground
 Peace out and peace within mother hopes.

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