Friday, May 23, 2014

Found art Friday 151

Dear ones,
After a week astray and at large, the Art Ranger's inbox was plush with imageriffs found amongst the world dross.  Today we are the lucky steward of random contributions from people who have never met each other.
found on a walk by Richard Anthony- intact and appears to be made out of poop - plus ventricles
" .......Shaking my head and bowing in reverence to that All Mighty Mother
pumping and pooping through us all, "
Also from this one with eye-to-the-ground of intricate experiences and visual words -  -
how they keep Austin weird
or both forwards and backwards thinking all at the same time with fresh red underlining.

This image received from Friend in the Bay Area who sees actively as she goes on walks and has collected series of urban art interventions.....
A winning combination of thoughts that need to interlock in order for world traffic to flow in the right direction. 

It synchs up with this one selected by friend of a poet friend:
by Kathleen Shipe:  Sperm (or balloon)
Has an interplanetary plasma feel to it as well.

Have yourselves a fine week-end with the memorialization holiday even though they want to sell you a new mattress or too big a jar of pickles.  Bless all you sunburned flags.  Please continue to send your visual happenings to

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