Friday, May 30, 2014

Found Art Friday 152

Dear ones,
Back in the 20th century, before drag and drop, or Face(crack) as our friend Aunt Madge calls it, you had to drive or fly for hours in order to see art like this: now it shows up in your "newsfeed". When the Homeland Inspiration inbox is dry, Art Ranger surfeth her friend photos where there is infinite supply - why? Because framing things just so is a byproduct that the creatives provide to the planet.  It's our photosynthesis.
Robin Brailsford collaborating with Sebeka (recovering from Coyote tending/fending) while

Restoring the Tijuana River Estuary Visitors Center Watershed map

Robin invented something amazing. Research and development can mean more than big pharma

Now this:
Joker on the Beach via Wick Alexander - The Greatest Painter in America
Actually the joker's name is Larry.  He washes windows for a living out of a pale blue van and has a hobby shaping surfboards in his garage. He uses the Century Plant which sprouts in people's yards like giant asparagus antennae every hundred years or so.  Larry likes to play dress up when he's not washing windows.  He shows up Sunday afternoon on the boardwalk costumed differently and noticeably.  He sells his custom surfboards for a lot of dollars and doesn't take off his get-up until he bags a sale.  No middleman except for his hot polyester self.  It's not every guy in the world who can make the ocean sing a tune with his pants.
Beach Culture - Painting by Wick Alexander where Joker on the Beach may live
and his drawing called: "long division" - someone in this world can still concentrate
Quite a way to illuminate "the border" which never gets less ridiculous no matter how you do the math.
WELL - do you see through any lenses? Because the Art Ranger would like to co-experience this before we depart the blogoverse for annual summer recess out on the range. Bless the beasts and the children right here:

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