Friday, June 6, 2014

Found Art Friday 153

Well hello blogovores,
Alas, this fell into the Found Art Friday inbox making Art Ranger glad to see that weaving and dog hair incorporation is not a lost art.
witnessed by Bonnie Hotz
This makes us think of one soon to leave the nest, though here the nest itself has come unmoored and appears no longer necessary.  
Now this fell out of a boy's school folder:
Meet "Snardge" whom emerged while son #2 was taking notes for an English final last period of last week
We'll try to play your little school game for another day or two and then explode

This next series is called yesterday's errands: put in italics and you can do them faster

Meet Lucile and Hank fast at work

Hark - A rearview monkey - (nevermind the car monoxide)

Might come in handy when we get to the driverless (really?) car phase.  Please send your found "art" happenings to where they will be relished and served perhaps with mustard or shared with our fleet of sock monkeys.

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  1. As always...thanks for the inspiration art ranger