Friday, June 27, 2014

Found Art Friday 154

Hi- I'm the Little Debbie display at Safeway
Dear Ones,
Do you need a snack?  Today's visual offerings of found "art" begin with this new twist on the "slow food" movement. You just grow the stuff right there in your pantry. Monsanto be damned.

Soon, the Art Ranger will be on leave from her desk, replenishing or pretending to, while tumbling upon art in daily life.  How about you?  We know you all carry those rectangle eyes with you nearly everywhere.  Please take slices of your alertness.  And thank you to all who have already contributed to The Department of Homeland Inspiration.
Whereas our pioneer ancestors wore bonnets and collected wildflowers that they named and pressed into books, we noted a perfectly squashed lovely bee in the doorjamb instead.

Meet Lorde and Lucinda one week old ladies in waiting to be hens. Beginning flock number three of the series "Big Useful Birds".  If all goes well they will probably each lay over 900 eggs over the next few years and we will tell stories about them.  
They've gone up to $2.99 a piece
Nice birdy
Have yourselves some summer wonderment.  We will talk to you as soon as the inspiration spills from the Homeland.

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  1. Lil Debbie sure was a cutie...And I found one of those potato things in my cabinet last night ...mine had more tentacles...didn't think of 'shooting' it, but Maya is planting it! Lordy, lord - lovely peeps. THANKS MEL