Friday, December 11, 2020

a lot of wow

Dear ones,

It's been a long time since we did any browsing, you know, rambling around, .... a neighborhood, which is  Art Ranger's absorption of visuals, primer: it's the angle here, and the patinas both.

Being accidently early,  allows a walk around the block, an urban adventure of visual wonder.

Naturally he couldn't part with it. Too many stories. If a suitcase could talk, said he - multiple generation pass through enclosure. Still works.
A subset of squashed abandoned glove is metal work at its finest.

What a spectacular day in Sand City of our Central Coast edge.  Here is our new podcast :> an interview with another multi-media artist named Terese Garcia.

Hope to see you there Soon.


Monday, August 17, 2020

Points of View

Dear ones, 

We certainly hope you and yours are healthy and reasonably sane.  Meet a donkey named Pierre from the neighborhood; he knows how to make fun with the detritus of civilization as it degrades in the sun, then he'll b r a a a  a y y in a way that makes waffles ruffle out of your heart.  Did you know that we migrated over to Podcasting at the moment? Art Ranger is still committed to stumbling upon art and presenting it to you, but in a new format.  Now, The Department of Homeland Inspiration is available on all the Apples and Googles, Spotify's, Stitchers and whatnot - therefore easier to subscribe to.  Say hello, share your sighs, ooohs and aaaahs with us:


Saturday, July 18, 2020

Where a book cracks open

Dear ones,
As you may realize by now, we have gone auditory: Podcast #5
                         Mr and Mrs Partched are aching through the weirdest summer of our lives

                       And you? .....

Here we reside awaiting your thoughts:

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Sheltering gives way

Well dear ones,
The more quickly it seives down the sleeve, time does, and the heat of the expressions explode. Here's our latest Homeland Inspiration Podcast.
We hope the various technologies, browsers and such work for you, because you know,  we have no idea..
As sheltering gives way and becomes a new rift, we contemplate, as we test it out:

for a few days, we left our patch of earth.  It was very special to move through a landscape in a motorized vehicle. We so enjoyed the movie it makes. We wanted to pet the hills. But the people thing is wierd.
Peace and love from Art Ranger in her soundscape who thanks you for visiting. Feedback is helpful and welcome:

Monday, May 4, 2020

Monday Meditation 6

Dear ones,
As mentioned, our art maintenance practice has temporarily shifted to a new Podcast
adventure. There are a few episodes now to choose from.  Art Ranger trying to keep her ear to the ground as the ground shifts, you see.  It will be a little like an audible book, except arriving in bits.  We made this love-you-world PPE origami:
Our syncopated double cootiecatcher with votive candle model 1.0

Monday, April 20, 2020

Monday Meditation 5

Dear ones,
The Art Ranger has come to a crossroads on this here blog in which we are stepping over to a PODCAST of a similar name and intent.  We do hope you'll follow along and perhaps even become part of the story!
What is happening in the world (outer and inner and where we all intersect) is so very intense and overwhelming that Art Ranger is staving off paralysis by challenging ourselves with this new (more literary) journey.

oh    hellllllllllllllllloo ....  long time no see

plus we managed to laugh til we cried about certain realizations
Recently, we spoke to a childhood friend on the T E  L E P H O N E, one who has managed an Independent (Elliott Bay Book Company) in Seattle for decades. We concluded that reading books was still one of the important things, while we muddle together/alone to recalibrate the humanity of patience not plenty, we have our minds to nourish and replenish. Books can be a salve to our sanity in which we exercise our capacity to imagine.  Let's support the kind of businesses that we want to see again (later): Non-Amazon way to buy books : to perk up our mother locked in a retirement compound, for instance.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Monday Meditation 4

Dear ones,
where have we been?     like you    home home on the range.  Luckily here where the cabbage and the California Poppies can sing and the (skies have been cloudy like our mood), but home-gentleman has been nurturing leaves and more leaves and soils full of micro-organisms with delighted worms. We sincerely hope that your sheltering is working and that your heart for humanity and planet are holding up under the circumference of the circumstances.  Seems we were gettin' so high tech that now we got medieval again.
"It's our dumb asphalt if we don't heed social distancing to flatten the curve"! declared Mandy of the Village.
Then, (on a semi pre-more-dire day) we took a walk walk walk and talk talk talk in a tandem friend separation, and as we walked, we tried to flatten it by just thinking - letting the image seep into our visual consciousness.
our urge to make art out of what is  - whatever that is


A lot will prevail through this, so if you are one who is able to put effort into ideas around a new societal structure, please do ...
Simultaneously witnessing that the more the poopet talks the messy-deeper the fall from gross ..
Phone Tree:  Don't let the distancing be distancing
 Well, we hope you're taking the best care of yourselves that you possibly can, while we all "flatten the curve" with (flea attentions-pan) just made us think we should go do some sit-ups (oops we didn't).  
Today will be our last blog here for a while, as Art Ranger is stepping over to Podcasting momentarily 
( -which has become weeks ...).  Getting into sound editing accidentally has become Alice in Wonderland with with ripples of sci-fi pandemonium-anxiety-quicksand while affixed to a beautiful patch of earth that has its own ideas about what (should) be done to maintain a Department of Homeland Inspiration. would love to hear from you about moments that you have cherished.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Monday Meditation 3

Dear ones,
(OOOPSY -  imagine coyote's poop tomorrow)yet! out on the trails, we saw more smiles on more humans than in months or years
Princess of Peace
The dogs are mostly delighted, in a heaven of attention.  And you? fried by now? having to try and act like a bubble fortress when we are all permeable membranes. Art Ranger is certainly home on the Range performing a range of activities such as pulling weeds, growing breads, and wondering out loud about what to do in the very next moment, how to pace ourselves.  As the poopet, disastrously Ubus his merdre and flails his fraudulence upon the world, we want to focus (ain't it chopped to bits?) on transformations that are simultaneously happening, such as the uncrinkling of this:
Matilja Poppy numero uno

The Invasion Begins: Thank you to the Professor of Ancient Exemplary Pleasures who sent us this from Pennsylvania ish

As most of you know, the Art Ranger thrives on community contributions of found art moments in your everyday life, such as these
rusty values
As we shelter or fester in place, we are thinking a lot about our women without shelter, those who had no shelter in the first place to be sheltered by, no net to be temporarily swinging from.
Family members that we can and will be hugging: Quercis Angustifolia
Tree family members that we can and will be hugging: and you? Greeted by a knot you never noticed before? {lease send here:
Were you able to linger longer?

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Mid Day Meditation

Dear ones,
"Stay in touch" we heard ourselves say to a friend Touch we miss you already....  In the unprecedented unprecedented of no precedent, the slowly sinking into another shoe dropping while making a dent with tv algebra (what's an exponent again?) into a maw of invisibles that unravels the uncertainties handles of each of our human bodies that we wear as an exterior.  Chance, the game we're in and Earth, our mother, not pleased with our species.
it's hard to know
when to stop
Americans hording toilet paper symbolic - the realization that so many may not be able to cover our arses -  feeling exposed in their already vulnerables. While the ass in the oval so does not have our backs! ! Ackkk ! %$#@!  Stacks and stacks and rolls and rolls soon to become padded rooms to buffer the craziestorms -  a new kind of currency for our era/error. With neatly perforated edges.
Pastures of Heaven - we must pedal through just to look at it
We sure hope you are doing okay in your patch of place time-moment.
be it relishing the detritus of civilization

Or speaking of species,

What Next?
Art Ranger sees art as she goes.  So where have your toes been?  Let our eyes know at:

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Found Art Friday 301

Dear ones,
What helps?  How are you handling your pre-exhausted conditions?
you could sing a Shaker Hymn here if you know one
 And the fiddlehead on a hike by Mandey of the Village,  perfectly expresses how spring is a kind of  expression of stored energy.  Coiled time vibrantly to unsprung its torque to begin again...   
still, we believe in love, art and music, dogs, funghi, vigorous exercise and many other phenomena
Here by our patch, the spring of the non-winter has gotten out its bare feet already.  Always begins
with yellow, its closest color-cousin.
magic biomass carpet  under fence, pleading for please NO more round up, ever ! ! !
What's been amazing, and so un-like what we've experienced in previous versions of america, is the shear velocity of the spiraling.
bespoke incompetency testing - plus a different kind of cone zone of the self-deal
As the poopet and his transfat mutants may have sealed up the holes with lying a-holes stuck up so far inside him, it's gonna blow.  Like Old Faithful.  Except all rot that's so fraught.
collateral: (from the series Repurposed Arworks)
(insert anxiety emojis here - swap out from confused forehead)  

yet have you seen the way blossom just cracks open its skin and flower comes out side of elbow?
Please do send us a picture of one, 1 ft by 1 ft square of your terroir and the ARt RAnger will dutifully wonder about it:

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Found Art Friday 300

Dear ones,
Whoah ! said she. By now The Art Ranger has made quite a few of these blog posts (300) from our virtual desk.  The Department of Homeland Inspiration evolved out of the compunction do at least a sliver of art today, even if it wasn't going to be a sculpture, a drawing, a thing, but just a small perimeter put forth.  Art has always loved technology and danced around with it; so shall we continue tapping on little black squares with our digits toward this practice?  Though cranky and rusty, we re-invent to invigorate .
 bird rain captured by her errand windshield
Sharing images through the inter-webs by squeezing them through little tubes or across air sprinkle : which then comes back up to breathe as a picture?  Bouncing light into each others eyeballs.
In 2010, we thought this to be miraculous, and truly - it still is!
plus how utterly beautiful the small changes can be where we get to walk
What is your Department of Homeland Inspiration? we open the question.  To collect small gestures while being attentive to the visual experience of your moments, those inconsequential encounters that pepper our days on earth as we go about our businesses.  All this in 2020 burgeoning by the Instagrammification of existence, which we fully enjoy, despite our hashtag apathy and scrolling apoplexy. 
Bonnie appreciates the eggplant heiroglyph watercolor left in her kitchen
Friend in the Bay Area wonders on her walk - about the hidden symbolism or,  what some might call "totally rando"
We are interested in how for each one, their eyeful is as different as their brain -full and how those two arenas might intersect.  For many, we acknowledge that a day can be all paved and bent and maybe gone up in an elevator with chem carpet, hammered into being a worn human survival unit.   Our purpose is this  - Art Ranger looks out for art with a small a  - the spirit of it might be:
admiring the person with the gumption to achieve our favorite most inventive car repair
About the outer atmosphere, we want to barf and scream !!!!!  But also, for different reasons, we still want to dance wearing striped socks and try to spread love,  because so many humans are still actually wonderful.
tendrils, tending, tenderly to growth

Images are now in a leadership position, more than ever, isn't it strange?  Thank you for visiting the Department of Homeland Inspiration.  Please send a moment of spice to

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Found Art Friday 299

Dear ones,
It feels more and more a version of Waiting for Godot.  Certainly the un-united state is not "Slouching towards Bethlehem", perhaps necessary mayhem.  But we do find this is interesting:
From our dear one in New Hampshire.  We think it seems exhausting to live through being the hosts of this early triage (our system is down).  Could you just write it on paper this time please.  Actual real handwriting messy.
We are interested in what could only be happening right this second.  And this candidacy is one of them things.  As is the technological grip.  Art Ranger is currently not orbitting in synch with any one of them.
Luckily, there is a friend's cat named Dennis of Kaz who is putting in thought bubble time about what to do about it
Plus we're made of colorful materials that will last until the comet arrives
One day in the neighborhood, as we walked the trail where one can see a cow or two, we saw this red ensemble approaching and thought to ourselves - uuugggghhh - As the gentleman ambled into closer view - it was instead this wry retort upon his noggin! Along with a fabulous attitude.  Oh thank you humans who are humane! You remain the most of us - Please.
Scarecrow yoga today at 4
 Here are your crops dear.  This takes space and water and sky and air and petroleum and plastic and people.  
We may be sharing the planet with zombies flapping about sucking up viewpoints like milkshakes on a teenage afternoon, or vampire bats that inject media into he bloodstreams. What is the right amount to inform ourselves without drowning?
a healthy dollop of clay
 getting traction    are we?

Art Ranger collects images and thoughts that catch your eye and your mind at the same time:

Monday, February 3, 2020

Monday Meditation

Dear ones,
Naturally we ache over the new low low of the so called "trial".  All those hollow-balled-truth-choppers in decline, staring at their shoes while drinking his toxic milk, falling irreparably in line with inflated sad-puppets' vile gluehand-hair-whirl of weak-ego after burn.
The quid must unseat the pro and, he is a pro at con
Art Ranger tries to find moments to divert from the disgust and anxiousness of a worldwide opera of distorted principles, a farce of malfeasance, making Orwell's Animal Farm, a very dog-eared copy indeed.
“Comrades!' he cried. 'You do not imagine, I hope, that we pigs are doing this in a spirit of selfishness and privilege? Many of us actually dislike milk and apples. I dislike them myself. Our sole object in taking these things is to preserve our health. Milk and apples (this has been proved by Science, comrades) contain substances absolutely necessary to the well-being of a pig. We pigs are brainworkers. The whole management and organisation of this farm depend on us. Day and night we are watching over your welfare. It is for your sake that we drink the milk and eat those apples.”
― George Orwell, Animal Farm
Doublespeak Whirligig

 What takes our mind off of the chaotic spin of our tragi-comedy (made-for-tv-movie) country? At times focusing on the sheer outlandish preposterousness of it!
Man defending president's dream cream on tv wears a fake breast pocket handkerchief motif.  Visually and factually untrustworthy.
"Not a scintilla of evidence" said the especially snakey one named Sip Alone who was in the same room
Are people actually drinking this koooolaid?

Rather the united states of kleptocracy, with rug pulled out from under its stature of principles.
This is going to require so much clean up   !  !   !  So tired of exclamation points and unprecedenteds.
this here is shampoo for our brain
and green scrub breathing mat
or, farmers market tuber colors
And how are you? with what Art Ranger calls the pre-exhausted conditions.
Have you seen any light?  If so, or not, please send to
when this happens it is our very inspiring departed friend calling