Sunday, March 15, 2020

Mid Day Meditation

Dear ones,
"Stay in touch" we heard ourselves say to a friend Touch we miss you already....  In the unprecedented unprecedented of no precedent, the slowly sinking into another shoe dropping while making a dent with tv algebra (what's an exponent again?) into a maw of invisibles that unravels the uncertainties handles of each of our human bodies that we wear as an exterior.  Chance, the game we're in and Earth, our mother, not pleased with our species.
it's hard to know
when to stop
Americans hording toilet paper symbolic - the realization that so many may not be able to cover our arses -  feeling exposed in their already vulnerables. While the ass in the oval so does not have our backs! ! Ackkk ! %$#@!  Stacks and stacks and rolls and rolls soon to become padded rooms to buffer the craziestorms -  a new kind of currency for our era/error. With neatly perforated edges.
Pastures of Heaven - we must pedal through just to look at it
We sure hope you are doing okay in your patch of place time-moment.
be it relishing the detritus of civilization

Or speaking of species,

What Next?
Art Ranger sees art as she goes.  So where have your toes been?  Let our eyes know at:

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