Monday, March 23, 2020

Monday Meditation 3

Dear ones,
(OOOPSY -  imagine coyote's poop tomorrow)yet! out on the trails, we saw more smiles on more humans than in months or years
Princess of Peace
The dogs are mostly delighted, in a heaven of attention.  And you? fried by now? having to try and act like a bubble fortress when we are all permeable membranes. Art Ranger is certainly home on the Range performing a range of activities such as pulling weeds, growing breads, and wondering out loud about what to do in the very next moment, how to pace ourselves.  As the poopet, disastrously Ubus his merdre and flails his fraudulence upon the world, we want to focus (ain't it chopped to bits?) on transformations that are simultaneously happening, such as the uncrinkling of this:
Matilja Poppy numero uno

The Invasion Begins: Thank you to the Professor of Ancient Exemplary Pleasures who sent us this from Pennsylvania ish

As most of you know, the Art Ranger thrives on community contributions of found art moments in your everyday life, such as these
rusty values
As we shelter or fester in place, we are thinking a lot about our women without shelter, those who had no shelter in the first place to be sheltered by, no net to be temporarily swinging from.
Family members that we can and will be hugging: Quercis Angustifolia
Tree family members that we can and will be hugging: and you? Greeted by a knot you never noticed before? {lease send here:
Were you able to linger longer?

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