Friday, June 7, 2013

Found Art Friday 126:

Dear small gathering of people,
Thank you for reading this blog and sometimes chiming in with your own images or comments.
Once and a while, our comment area gets slammed with charming barely-in-english spam: 

"Hello everyone for the reason that I am really eager of reading this webblog to be udpdated on a regular basis.  It includes pleasant data.  Here is my website:"

Today's Found Art comes from our permanent sculpture brother, Richard in Topanga Canyon
where things like this may be an everyday experience

"Talk about raising your vibration"
"Kinda nice to know that every now and then even an enlightened soul needs a lift"

(Perhaps this Buddha can even empathize with "tennis elbow" or road rash)

Then, out and about, he "happened upon this wanna-be-ewe-carpenter, nosing toward the skilsaw and dreaming of having opposable thumbs..."
"a flock of one"

A few months ago, Richard sent this lovely portrait, which should be stealthily cut into a product catalog, say at Zappo, under the category, Summer hats:

Wishing you a Buddha Lift some time this week.  Please share when it happens:   Very soon, the Art Ranger will be out of range for a summer hiatus and will hope to gather material (from you and the world) for the coming months.