Friday, April 28, 2017

Found Art Friday 225

Dear Ones,
Found in corner of studio - recycled from previous financial crash/cash grab to comment upon the 100 Daze of Wastefulness:
SOS yes both kinds
With an extra helping of incompetence to go with the destructive delusional delerium of DDT.  Big toxic puppet on a turbulent surface. Same club, same stage. With a smug smirk they grab grab grab.  All the while devouring the survival-energy, natural resources and coffers of (we the people) while largely encouraging all the wrong things.


Oh hark, Art Ranger's communications have become arythmic:  so we'll now share evidence of our whereabouts. With grown offspring, we went to look and touch some rocks to see if the books and the rocks could be closer to each other. 
earth is our mother      sculpted herself
spontaneously evolving group sculpture
We watched our offspring way defy gravity by gathering a lot of of strength, wits and ingenuity.

Remember to breathe  .....  especially if you are on the verge of tears .....
Somewhere near Eugene, OR
Upon our return, it seemed so random to spot a severed troll hand on the deck one day:
 cousin of squashed abandoned glove series

Indeed, we wander and wonder our way through life while being captured by the daily imagery which is quite often stuck to an actual road:
Worm jerky hieroglyph

Art is a state of mind.  Art is often not pretty.

When the world is so full of grandiosity gone bonkers, we call upon the opposite, which is quiet, small and true.

This called to mind our favorite Jack Kerouac haiku:

The little worm
lowers itself from the roof
by a self shat thread

With maybe some beebop in the background. Life delivers surprises:

Found later behind the couch:  Speaking of Trolls, great essay here

Note the male pattern baldness. 

(Sorry, nice old troll who inadvertently became a dogtoy- we're now using you as an idea )
a technological psychological rollercoaster we'd like to get off of.

Are you"WOKE? yet"
Dog Bailey does Isamu Noguchi sculpture installation under her couch.
We look forward to hearing and seeing from you at

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Found Art Friday 224

   Dear ones,
We're all - we've been experiencing a circular glitch where the beginning becomes the end becomes the beginning again  ... ... .... ... ...
as it hits the fan some more
Then comes across our (desk) this soothing "driftwood landscape"
Calm the mind at Asilomar Beach noted by Normi Burke


You see this while waiting at the bank: Now we have Big Tobacco, Big Pharma, and Big Candy
dum dums


okay - tastes good though

After several years of experimentation, giving birth to at often two loaves per week, this anatomically challenged bolted wheat boule will not release from its pan.  Back to square three two or one.

 Art Ranger leaves you with this welcoming address: