Saturday, June 22, 2019

Found Art Friday 289

Dear ones,
The roller being so off the coaster, Art Ranger is distracted from her every day art finds again: how fake is real and how real is fake?  How are your breathing lessons .....  going?  .......  Relax your face, as the yogi says.
Repurposed Art Works - Revolting Revolving Doors
a sliding slippery slope with sloppy "steering"  - no side mirrors

 Nancy Pelosi's foot
Okay - When can she put her foot down ? ! !  Are high heels causing the problem?  What if we set her up with a pair of shitkickers ? ?  What if its "knickers" were so in a twist that (what's left of them) were just lopped off?  Yes, that figment calms the mind in this case.
held hostage
Just stop it! 
A subtle color study.
Now for some peaceful bathing in bee pollen. And, for some reassurances that humans can (and must) work together with nature. That it's possible and logical and lovely.  And last but not least,
shared by Mandy of the Village, this clever and patient bird inhabitant:

As the song says: "What the world needs now, is love sweet love .....
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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Found Art Friday 288

Bountiful long days with amazing produce by Gentleman and Earthen Spouse
Dear ones
It just so happens that our inbox was blessed with that long (and not exactly lost) missive from our sculpture brother in a new zipcode with a new story that we have not gotten the yarns of yet. We used to go to junkyards together and bang on pieces of metal in the yard, making our musics in the grease
of chaos with young strong knees, giant magnets, colorful fluids, wrecks and gone-byes of every shape, size, material, smell and weight.
"Hey Art Ranger  - Was just hoofin along the roadside here in Texas and you've been along for the twisting winding walk"
recoiled snake skin
Rusted ole rack of nails by the curb
And R.I.P. KD
Richard Anthony? - well back at cha says your pal, the old eye sieve on her ground scan journey. People, we have to have the will to peel off the inertia of middle-aged workcinched existences and stop, because it spoke to you:
the banana peel genre
Traffic furniture finding a new skittle to love
The sculpture brother and the Art Ranger, still in our teens, also bonded over Tom Waits: thus we insert this quote for all of us from article NYT a few years ago:
"You take a long time finding your own voice," said Waits ..his speaking voice itself a kind of song, "to find the limits of it or the faraway endless possibilities it may have ... Singing is just doing interesting things to the air.  Elongating it and twisting it into shapes."
Dang - We still hang on every word.  And to the friendships where (we get each other level) with long antennae tentacles intersecting the decades.  Where the Ranger has lived in two different locales in the last 30, this dear one  - so many many placements and new pathways.   He'll let us fiction alize in the mean time.

How a guy landed in Bostrop?
is a car ride where he opened the 
door to stretch his well built knee 
and out fell his boot
that was that   a sign
that afternoon on a sidewalk
he met a women he had known for thousands 
of years
he's building in batches
a roof over their heads
not someone who needs
to fold his socks
but planetary motion

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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Found Art Friday 287

Dear ones,
Now that the days are longer, flowers over-exert themselves, chickens lay more eggs, and their shells are stronger.  Home on the range, here in the "Salad Bowl":
 the human touch

Only on rare occasions does the Art Ranger speak about actual art venues with art shows at them
"Radius Gallery" at Tannery Art Center in Santa Cruz: work by Shay Church
We recommend a visit if you're nearby.  Becoming increasingly parched as time passes, gradually flaking off its skin of clay, the sculptural array cracks-shrinks-desiccates, a powerfully quiet exhibition.  Rarely does something that attracted eye on Insta live up to itself.  This just a small slice of an installation (whole room art) seldom seen in these parts.

......UGHHHH .....
Now that she/they people in our country are being persecuted further, based on anatomical arrangements and income, we are seething mad and repulsed.  In so doing we began celebrating fallopian tubes in every way possible, possibly adding dance moves.
Anatomy uprisings
What did you say again?
Speaking of babies. Our natural maternal instinct was to go over and try to help (being rather close to the road). We just couldn't help it.  God dog respected our conversation. Crow parent on powerline watching said clearly "Get away from my dang baby"!!! Thank you hatchling who may have fledged too early for having such a lovely vigorous mouth and we hope you make it! 
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