Sunday, May 30, 2021

Bob Dylan is Time Traveling

Dear ones,

We wrote and performed this: Bob Dylan is Time Traveling for our now, over a year old, infant project, the podcast on Anchor, and most of those other service/platform things.

Our favorite visual @Department of Homeland Inspiration this month:

Because we are, by chance, raising a silk moth who landed and deposited her offspring: eggs that stuck to our wall then hatched as 1/4 inch fuzzy lines. Which are now effervescent with color and sculptural outcroppings, hearty night time appetite and perfectly extruded sculptural poops. We live for chance encounters, .... and metamorphosis, shedding skins, as well as the word instar : a phase between two periods of molting in the development of an insect larva or other invertebrate animal.

We monitor the poops for health and vigor, just like we did our own infants.

See you next time, comments?:


Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Instars and poetry

 Well, Homeland Inspirationers, another pod has been cast: 

Special Clearance Sale of Famous Masterpieces This is the third poem in our series from the book "Starting From San Francisco" by Lawrence Ferlinghetti that fell into our lap a few months ago. We hope you might click on that link above and actually hear us read the poem.

A poem here and there can be good for your ears, dears

In the podcast intro, we mention, caterpillars - yes, these caterpilllllarrrs - hand collected off our studio wall and now living in a mason jar full of ceanothus branches, in hopes of raising a beauteous moth:

In March, we declared: why make art when she just shows up at
your studio and deposits her eggs. We are here as witnesses, believes the Art Ranger in her corral of dirt.

And now look at this scrumptious structural caterpillar specimen!  We indeed see the extraordinary pillars. This is about the third "Instar" (we think) on its way to maturation: and we newly appreciate the under side of leaves.  Talk to you soon. We're at

Again, the visitation: