Friday, April 11, 2014

Found Art Friday 147

Dear you and you too,
Today's Homeland Inspiration inbox was feeling the warm fuzzies of life being stranger than fiction:
Sent by Wick Alexander: Best Painter in entire USA - check out some of his work!
Burned Water
 by Man named Wick
 Flash Flood
Lonely crucified shoe ...
Whew - surely a heroic gesture is afoot
We're betting the dame is only alive because she ditched her shoe

Now this:
From Richard Anthony - he bought these especially for us to see.  There is sure a lot of mopping up to do ...
The W word next to ERROR makes us think Dubya.  Is some Errrrasure what he is trying to accomplish by "painting"? Make cute little distortions, sefies and doggie paintings to innocently divert attention from his hand in helping to nearly destroy the world?

Really? Are you buying into the murk of selfie-reflection?
Naive and flat with a very limited, milky, homogenized palette, lacking full understanding of perspective - mirroring his world view perfectly.  ((There appear to be some amazing hacks hacking? W's painting story as well: Wow: "out damn spot" how can I ever get that blood stain off?)).

Let us now look at some bath tub art that endures:
Pierre Bonnard, 1941
Phew - alrighty then - we're all relaxed and centered now (thank you dog) for calming the floor and helping us forget Dubya "I'm the decider". 

As always, we look forward to your found art contributions to this Homeland Inspiration enterprise - send to

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