Friday, December 11, 2015

Found Art 191

Dear Ones,
How is your there there?  And where has the "art" been lodged?  Snagged by a rough rock?  Are we all already growing the tentacles of holiday thoughts amongst our mindclatter?
processing Shock and Indigestion of Events spilled by Art Ranger  
Hello World  - May I help you?  Now who is in the Driver's Seat?

Through the Sunglasses of Bonnie Hotz
  pursuing goals, small manageable energizing ones.
East Coast Athiest - catch and release?

Tyler Blik made note of this: 
 When in doubt, let's at least be able to make stuff with our hands and get those wheels turning.

Okay folks, due to a very mattering maternal guest and the general clutter of events, we need to hop off the machines for a spell and go plant some seeds as Artist At Large.  Likely see you around past the new year corner when Art Ranger continues a sixth year of service here at the Department of Homeland Inspiration. We are nourished by your contributions.  This season, may you be there for your own eyeballs as well as your spirited loved ones. Wishing you a Merry (non red plastic-lined paper cup) experience,

Art Ranger 2015

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