Friday, April 6, 2018

Found Art Friday 253

Dear ones,
This week, our found art comes in the form of phrases we've run into during the week, such as:
"You have a new memory" - an "alert" we got from our photo library.  Art Ranger finds this a little aggressive. Who gets to decide?  And how does our "smartphone" now complete or compete with our (memory)? Or, turn our concentration into a fine mist of shhhhhhhhssss.
Naturally, we must fold in some images, such as Doodle of the Week:
A particular Dickmobile
We see how (he-it) has stuffed so much tv in its blob and imagine the rudderless ship of fools to capsize (or pop) with all its stacked in the wrong blind place ness.
Second found phrase of the week: "My health is not on top" coming from a Danish person speaking not her usual language.  Speaking of health ....
we never get tired of looking at earth's children
 Third found phrase: "budget dust"  -  this is what might be left for the Art.  Sheesh! or S.O.S.!!!
That someone would spend their time sculpting with the illegal dumplings

brought a certain yearning for an unfettered afternoon during a different decade.  Please share your thoughts or visual moments here:

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