Friday, March 23, 2018

Found Art Friday 252

Dear ones,
We try to not let state of nation soak through to the bones; one needs an umbrella to take soul umbrage. Such as more time with musics, both wordless and biting back.  It's an awful lot - to chew on.  Along with being conned affronted bullied violated, groped, etc. ... ripped-off, embarrassed, taunted  ....  truly ad nauseum  that adds nausea (daily)......  some people also got harvested, fed chum and clicked the bait.  Our Science Fiction novel is using a scalpel right now, carefully taking samples.
fuel for thought                 you are working through it         growing around it        
 our infra-structure, with right-angled intestines   servers and sewers not so different

The kid with the Face company, peeled back raw with hubris, yet again, says he's gonna get some "AI" to try to get ahead of "it". 

Meanwhile .....
The Atmospheric
River came through town

Moving water all around up and down the coast

under doormat worm nursery

Yes, we do live inside a painting ......
big reeds and perfectly shaped bird

         Have you also collected 10,000 photos that you may never get around to ...? .....

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