Friday, March 9, 2018

Found Art Friday

 Dear ones,
Today the Art Ranger is actually home on the range in her beloved state of Colorado.  Meanwhile, here's a special feature about an artist-colleague named Anne Mudge.  Mudge itself, as a wordsound makes us want to begin making art out of clay.  Art Ranger is going to put up a sampling Mashup of the way one person has honed a focus - through eye-mind to hand.  Intensive labors and involving threads and strands and nodes, sensitivities. Gladly, here is an opportunity to see her work in person  Matterings: an art show going on now,  wherein the title of the exhibition, is a poem in and of itself.

“Encounters leave traces, a froth of intersections, deep cell mirrors of galactic relations, winking echoes. Umbel and sombra hint at the metaphysics of matter.” –From the poem Mattering by Diane Gage
Just a few grey hairs
I'm looking at how it feels to inhabit a skin - any skin. At heart I'm a figurative artist, but I stopped dealing with the human figure because people automatically attach stories to them. I'm more interested in strictly cross-species existential issues, like the dramas and absurdities of the daily need to resist gravity, and the arc of becoming to final return
 says Mudge:

Some sharpen knives, others sharpen thoughts out of random encounters in the natural world. 

What the artist takes pictures of and what the artist makes, interweave with an invented DNA.
thank you for noticing us

The small kind of wowWow wows that the Art Ranger admires her appreciation: behold - a moment worth savoring that another person might not attend to or have use for.
Congrats to Anne Mudge for her exceptional work!  If you are within geographical range, we highly recommend a visit to said Matterings.  And we hope you too have a week which includes momentary delights.  Until we meet again.

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