Friday, November 9, 2018

Found Art Friday 264

Dear ones,
How is your whipsaw going? Whew! Phew!!! And have you noticed how many more exclamation marks there are in the world?!!  It's hard to wade in when Art Ranger can't even keep up with the punctuation! *#$#%
INSERT MEDITATION herbal tea units
It's surreal how much you can like a picture taken by accident while fumbling
Bizarre and amazing the way color is no longer free (either), a part of the spectrum lit up a certain way.  You see now how meaning is a mesh you must make up yourselves. 
GOOD and"Scrappy", even functional, a Nicki Sucec siting
While the pendulum just clocked us in the head again as its shit hits the speed of the fanfare, aflame with (its) pants on fire.  Meanwhile, it was extremely heartening to participate in a pre-election moment of art activism in the form of a "PopUp" art show. 
car and this photo by GOOD AND MAD participant and colleague, Nicki Sucec
Women, for instance, rocked it!!!  But, we were meant not to be able savor a thing before the shit was thrown.  It's a game show and we're in it.  Check your balance, practice walking over rocks and icecubes and poker sticks.  Consider reading "This Bridge Called my Back".  Here at the NSA National Sanity Administration, we are here to care about your  Pre-exhausted Conditions.
It's no wonder that RBG fell down and cracked her ribs the day after, look what she has been carrying?  Prayer material to patch her upright.  Breathing, laughing, coughing, and talking will hurt.  Her neck says it all.  (THE Bench sculpture grows here).
RBG hang on!!! A life of intellectual tension weighing in
Dear Ruth, we are worried about your neck.  Please last, at last please  oh pretty please .....
we will send beeswax for your ribrepair  and threads of understanding.  Michael Moore even offered you his own on TV, offered to cut them out of himself and trim them to fit. Did we dream this?
Art Ranger savors then the sturdiness of this communication relic
And we wish for the porous thinking brought on by this image, Yes, "we are listening" thoughts float through threshold.  Now, glass bubbles crash against our sliding thumbs, yet we love the tiny thought extension a text message can be.  Please send (yah text) us your discovery of an appreciated image mement that did not already slide by on Insta:

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