Friday, March 30, 2012

Found Art Friday 83

Well Blogobuddies,
An irritating thing has happened in bloggerlady's technical process.  The google program which provides our formatting, etc. tells us we can no longer change the picture of the drain in the sink.  Nope. We have exceeded our allowable limit for image uploads (but just in that part of the blog).  So we're stuck with that arugula between our teeth.  And so far, we haven't found the advanced menu warehouse in iceland in the cloud where all my drain images are sitting there taking up server space.  Go figure. Limitations change everything.
sitting and thinking while not wanting to pay $ to add images of dirty drain strainer
Stilllife with bench and found sweater: Richard Piscuskas
THE ART RANGER IS finally an IPHONE operator!  Yup, she is one half a week into her smartphone era.  She already erased 155 apps. Sure is the most powerful rectangle we've ever carried.  It already has sunscreen on. The camera face-you setting shows us things about her neck that we didn't want to know. Cameraphones and the whole sense of identity, personal geography, and spontaneity that these devices have made possible is a foundation for this very blog;  about half the images we have seen at The Department of Homeland Inspiration have come from iphones or droids. These smartphones and pads and pods depend on rare earth minerals that are beginning to get fought over.  We shall see how the relationship of time and gadgets interlock. How our thumbs and neck will adapt. How delight in images may evolve.  We see now how iphones are a fuzzy stuffed animal for the teenager.  How the inbetween moment can now be eliminated. TBContinued.
 For Today:
Two sets of images - not taken by iphones - but by better lenses.  First three by Susan Needleman of Corral de Tierra
Call and Response to last week's swallows nest
Where's Waldo?
The Art Ranger wouldn't mind also seeing this upside down.
 Now a triplicate from Jim Lindenthal in Pacific Grove: Usually using a Nikon D-90

With the great caption: "Do starfish do yoga?" 
And Art Ranger also wonders if they crochet jewels underwater
And to top it all off with wonder at looking, a paragraph from Barry Lopez:  About this Life :

"Sunlight flexes too rapidly, too complexly, on the river's skin for the eye to spot a recurrent pattern in it, from the bench or window, but I believe one is there.  It is not anything I feel compelled to find, I don't believe I must know it's meaning.  I know that the design inherent in such things is orderly according to some logic other than the ones I know.  It is akin, I think, to the logic that makes one's life morally consistent despite certain lapses of judgement."

Phew!  Enjoy the enjoyment, or the scrappy let-it-go facts of your existence.  And please send evidence to

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