Friday, March 9, 2012

Found Art Friday 80

Dear Blogo folk,
How does memory affect our relationship to images?  Seeing is cumulative, what do you keep?  Now that we have been in residency at The Department of Homeland Inspiration for over two years, many images refer to earlier images from Found Art Fridays gone by.  Friend in the Bay Area, who contributes regularly, also names her photos! This allows for easy access. Good poetry as well.
A triplicate:
Sausage Man

and Ceramic Yoga Tableaux

Which geographically takes Art Ranger to a photo, previously posted, from a day in San Francisco with her dear friend who recently passed.
No one else could have appreciated it the way the two of us did.

How often does one see "street art" as sculpture?  The scale, the ambiguous syrupy materials. the restaurant idling craftsmanship somehow draws you in. Deliberately displayed on top of a trash can with a convincing transmitter look.  Are aliens trying to talk to us through our coffee waste?
Photo by Jim Lindenthal.  Commentary by The Art Ranger: Is everyone on board now, about the moon having a navel?

So both to continue our study of patina, and tribute to pinochios nose, we sign off for today and leave the rest up to you. To have a point of view.
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