Friday, March 16, 2012

Found Art Friday 81

Today's pick of images have in common being wordcentric.  Are they really "art"? well that is our inquiry:
 And a subset called "birds and signage":
 Remember a while ago when The Art Ranger rhapsodized about the birds' nest in the Bagel sign. On each facet of the building.  And how it was the superior architecture of the a over, say the B for nest building that captured our imagination.

A few month later shows up this comfortable bird relationship: harmacy hmmm, interesting indeed. The way images are framed can make or  break it.  And a few months after that, this:

Which makes us not need any of their burnt sterilized coffee either.  The O might have worked quite well as a nest though.
From the Department of Homeland Inspiration Archives. Is he coming or going?
When viewed as a series,  the images are getting there. It's the subtle things such as dirty raindrops that can tip the scales toward "art".  Keep the peace. To be continued:  send images to

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