Friday, February 1, 2013

Found Art Friday 110

Dear persons of the blog:
Today's found art friday begins with:
"Who needs a plane?"
Shared by Julie Regan from the Denver Airport.
Which reminds us of what weird sealed jars airports have become and how we are packaged in there.

Concurrently, the Art Ranger spotted these air travel related gems from Robin Brailsford

 When admirers oooh and aahh over Robin's images, and her great percentage of excellence and they ask her what kind of camera she uses, Robin has not much to say besides that she isn't really trying. Yet those who know her know that she has in fact been, for a steady long while, focusing.  Knowing when and how to frame images so much a part of her nature that it is cooked into the oatmeal of everyday choosing and living.

When in the Boston area, Robin here nabs the iconic truth of what people still picture when they think of  
Public Art.
 Okay zaparoo shazzaam !       Let's change gears here and pay a mention to America's Obsessive love ritual with football and the upcoming SUPERBOWL ......   like whatever ......

Okay, this is what the Art Ranger does not relish about it:  these athlete's necks. And how sickening it is to see their spines get thrashed around wildly on instant replay.

And yet here is something that the Art Ranger thinks is exciting about it.  Even as steroidal seeming jacked-up humans, it is amazing what some of them can and will do in hopes of moving that ball thing forward.

That is all for now, except for this:

From the series, Pavement, or squashed abandoned
And as always, send us your findings, your core samples, or what it looks like under your rock.

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