Friday, January 27, 2012

Found Art Friday 74

Dear Blogofolks,
We are already seeing the sprouts of spring after being able to spot some rain paintings.
Then comes a triplicate from Jim Lindenthal, which links with The Squashed Abandonded Glove Series and its many cousins:
Insert juxtaposition by Art Ranger with a bluesy soundtrack "somedayover the rainbow ..."
 Sightings Nearby
some things beg for a story
Art Ranger Responds in kind with floating textury item from our Costa Rica trip
And the grand Finale, is a link to a link provided by (Aunt Madge that is about another kind of found ness.  This involves the sculptural art of transforming Found stuff. In this case (a must visit) musical house:
Have more than a knock on wood kind of week. Send images to
Must be time to turn the soil in the garden by now.

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