Friday, March 27, 2015

Found Art Friday 174

Dear Ones,
We are striving for a Haiku of the visual.  This week our inbox was adorned with:
More "Grafitini" from Friend in the Bay Area
"The arrow points to the "casual carpool" line, where folks wait for cars driving to SF in the morning, with two of them piling into each and giving the driver a discount on the toll."
Let's hear it for our burgeoning bartering economy.
And Bandersnatch Grafitini ( from 2012 )

A different sort of carpool.

As many of you know,  Art Ranger is obsessed with technology and its role in shaping our lives. So when we heard  Marc Maron say this, we scribbled it on the back of a receipt at a stoplight:

"This is where we are as a culture ..... It's all NOISE -  just draining, demeaning NOISE that pokes you. It's all a yammering racket pushing its way into your life with varying degrees of intensity ..... How many machines do ya have to turn off to get some peace of mind?  ....   huh, how many?"

We recommend this delightfully cranky person who shares long conversations with creative people about their processes on his WTF podcast.  Ironically, we are all part of this "yammering ......."

Then this stopped us in our tracks:
A very colorful death 

Now this moment from the commercial world

And we bought this just because .....  we thought it said GOOD MOTHER STALWART ....

How is your world holding up?  Please send us evidence at

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