Saturday, February 2, 2019

Found Art Friday 272

Dear ones,
Truly it is great to be reminded that you do love people afterall:
we drove around the block to believe our eyes doctor.  "Our eyes have seen the years" ..
As well as this:
The photo does not capture the rapture from the road. We had to circle our auto back around to properly honor this mycelium uprising: larger than our shoe.
the world of fungi shall gradually, as we slowly study it,  take over our existence

From Gentleman Jeff, we are together as we have often taken the road less traveled.
Sometimes over and over again while still noticing, while still pedaling:
bicycle commute often described as "the best p(art) of my day"

And SEE, it's the Art Ranger's job to (see)k to put the (art) in the part.

For instance,
this week a man on the phone sold us a Secure Socket layer.  How did we get here to needing one of these? And by needing to be secured, were we insecuring ourselves? Not only that, but we've recently busted out of our icloud storageplan: we're now needing to git on a digital diet. Hmm this Department of Homeland Inspiration thing we started nine years ago, now has costs associated with its upkeep, whilst we started it because it was nearly free speech. It seems that we are either burning something or storing something, all of which entails energy. We certainly did not want to continue with an insecure socket layer, we want to be plugged in, not to blow a fuse.  Technology can  have the same effect on us as hyperventilating all day every day.

......  B r e a t h e .....

This is where a view from water's edge is much appreciated: from Family Dave,

Reading Tea Leaves?  random rocks gather in conversation in tidal cup
Dave is a professional bird whisperer @greenfieldfalconry, which delights us for inter-species understanding.
a shawl of youthfulness
Went to "nature" with dog god: We're back.  Are you?

Continuing the series: Repurposed Artworks: this drawing was from 2016 when Nancy stood for 8 hours in her 4 " heels reciting the letters of dreamers DACA, giving them voice
Portraits of Pelosi
Re-oriented re-purposed art work: Nancy follow your nose. You have sniffed out the foul play,  Please Nancy Now Apply Pressure !!!
picture a number of bheadings taken care of by two kittens.
The next two weeks will difficult for Nancy and we wish that there is strength to persevere with an intelligent outcome.  .  Holding our breath ... ..

 Oh, and this ...  (formerly Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac)
now just, (his) children
Oh you who, who made it this far, we look forward to receiving your uprisings here:
Due to the gross weirdness and hubris of Facebook, many people don't visit and consequently, Art Ranger's traffic is down, ideas?.  If you do wish to see more installments, please click on become an email subscriber. Peace in the flux time.

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