Friday, February 8, 2019

Found A r t Friday 273

Dear ones,
Repetition that is never the same is this week's awareness pinpoint for the Department of Homeland Inspiration:
We are certainly lucky to have this particular dog god to insist we move through this particular ecosystem, a walk down to, and around, the pond (formerly) an Esalen, or Salinian watering hole. 
Over the years, the seasons, the times of day - hundreds of visits. Of course, there are the insides (interior weather) that the artist must monitor.
bird that paints itself is back!
Utterly un captureable by a "smartphone" but we insist, we keep trying.  
Birds look at us  ......   trying too hard to look at them and, right then, fly away quicker than consciousness.
heavens they do not like to be stared at.
On location, Art Ranger taps into her inner Monet, where we learned to relish both the words and the conditions of transitory, fugitive, intangible. Colors caused by the light, the water, or lack - the vegetation alive/decaying and both.
Late September, less and less and less water, yet more and more big birds : climate refugees?
the utmost patience for months
Palettes - October grasses and amaranths
To get back home, we must sport it up a hill, to be physically reminded of heart and breath.
and this most springy of color schemes
Do we look more carefully now that we are documenting so many more moments? Or, are we experiencing less? Where is this this vulturized culture cult of the images going?   What do you think?  Please do send evidence to


  1. Electronica has allowed us to freeze and share the moments more so than every before. Trillions of these moments daily sent in microwaves beaming upward to satellites and then downward again rumbling in one's hip pocket. What's this? Art Rangers and other rangers beatifically dialoging and capturing creatures who for most have been forgotten, other than the domesticated kind in form of steak or fast-food hamburger patty. Our wilderness cries out in pain.

    1. Yes indeed! Well said. Gonna go paint some hamburger patties and satellite dishes now. Home home on the range. What (on earth) are we becoming?