Friday, November 8, 2013

Found Art Friday 133

Dear Blogsports,
You are here! And here we go  - back from our time-warp exile.
Technologically speaking, blogging can involve receiving outstanding spam about eye floaters,
vitreous detachment does cause some disturbing symptoms it normally does not threaten sight. hacklers hacklier hackling hackneys hacksawn hacksaws hackwork haddocks spleen  spelled speller  spelter  spelunk"
We're not kidding.
Phew, our eye opener for the day is this outcropping from Bonnie Hotz:
My hernia through an egg
Several times this week, we read great tributes to Lou Reed such as: Patti Smith's

For that reason his songs have been rattling around and emitting feedback in our head.  So when the dog caused us to walk through this tunnel under the highway, we naturally "took a walk on the wild side" and hummed doo te doo doo doo te doo while capturing this series of images for you: 

Hello Kitty
 And all the smells.
Hello randomness of life.
And thank you for artists such as Lou that sing sang sung about something.

As always, please share images of your own Homeland Inspirations here:


  1. I had wondered what connection Patti and Lou might have...thanks for making it clear!

  2. should be my hernia from an egg perspective